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Demand in oil and gas

Due to the fact that there is an increasing global need in oil and gas, areas which are not already discovered should be opened up in order acces more resources. Personally, I strongly do not agree with this statement and reasons for this will be provided.

Task 1

The given table provide information about the underground railway systems in different cities (London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles). The statistics provided are the year opening the railway systems, the kilometres of route and the total number of travellers per year in millions.


Currently, numerous people have admittance to computers and a lot of children enjoy computer games. The objective of this essay is to investigate the merits and downsides of playing computer games and propose a number of ways mitigate negative effects of this.

Lyublyu dvigat'sya pod latinskuyu muzyku

It is considered by some people that e-books are the end of paper books, while others reckon that ordinary books will not be out of use whatsoever. From my point of view, although electronic ones will become the most common type of books, those which made out of papers will never be replaced.


The given table the proportion of people divided into three groups by age (18-25; 25-40; 40-65) working in different employment sectors.


Nowadays, it is thought by some people that factors such as TV, friends and music considerably impact on children's lives, while others reckon that the family's role is more essential. From my point of view, external factors do not influence children as much as their parents do.


Currently, the impressive increase in travels between countries allow tourists to know more about diverse cultures as well as can give rise to tension between citizens and visitors. Although there can arise hostility among people from different cultures, the issues are pretty solvable.


Nowadays, children live in the world of developing technology which is totally distinct from what it was 50 years ago and there new problems emerged for society as well as the family. The aim of this essay is to discuss unfavourable consequences of this.


It is considered by some people that it is better for children to grow up in the city, whereas others reckon that life in the village is more respective. Both cities and countryside have their own advantages as well as drawbacks.


It is considered by some people that it is impossible to comprehend the culture of a country without speaking its language. In my opinion, it is not mandatory to speak the language in order to understand the culture of a country.