June 22, 2020


Nowadays, children live in the world of developing technology which is totally distinct from what it was 50 years ago and there new problems emerged for society as well as the family. The aim of this essay is to discuss unfavourable consequences of this.

In modern times, numerous problems connected with the development of technology are need to be solved. One of the main of them is general worsening of people's health all over the globe. Since many have smartphones, computers and TVs, it is no longer necessary to go out and move in order to have fun. Hence, a lot of people lead sedentary lifestyle which undoubtedly worsen health as a whole.

Additionally, the current development of technology can have negative impact on relationships between parents and their children. The main reason is that both kids and adults are usually immersed in digital world now. That is, they often waste their time misusing smartphones, computers and other devices instead of adequately communicating with each other. As a consequence, tight connection between children and parents significantly weakens so it can lead to big misunderstandings among family members.

To conclude, currently, the development of technology causes problems such as worsening of health as well as relationship between parents and their children