Currently, numerous people have admittance to computers and a lot of children enjoy computer games. The objective of this essay is to investigate the merits and downsides of playing computer games and propose a number of ways mitigate negative effects of this.

On the one hand, playing computer games is able to improve diverse type of skills. It promotes development of cognitive skills of children. Due to the fact that a large number of video games demand rapid reactions as well as quick decision making. In other words, playing computer games make one think quickly and effectively. For instance, while playing strategic games it is necessary to plan almost all your steps in order to win a match. Moreover, playing computer games may significantly enhance children's creativity. There are decent amount of videogames which provide players total freedom of actions in a virtual world. This allows children to make what they want. For instance, playing Minecraft help express a fully creativity since the videogame practically does not curtail players.

On the other hand, there are some negavite effects of playing computer games. One of them is that it wastes a humongous amount of time. Players usually enjoy videogames for hours, thus killing their times. For instance, there some videogames in which matches lasts too long and players, willing to win, plays them to end. In addition, while playing computer games for too much time, children hurt their health as well. Sitting for hours on the same place definitely affects spine as well as blood circulation. This can lead to serious health problems which may be challenging to cure.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to prevent negative impacts of playing computer games. If a player creates a good timetable of playing videogames, he or she can effortlessly avoid wasting time as well as health issues. In addition, in any case, it is necessary to do sport and maintain healthy lifestyle. Exercising before and after playing computer games may mitigate or prevent a plenty of diseases.

To conclude, this essay analysed both advantages and disadvantages of playing computer games. There are also provided several ways to mitigate negative effects of that.