July 23, 2020

Demand in oil and gas

Due to the fact that there is an increasing global need in oil and gas, areas which are not already discovered should be opened up in order acces more resources. Personally, I strongly do not agree with this statement and reasons for this will be provided.

Exploring and finding out new areas which could provide more oil and gas are able to lead to disastrous difficulties in the future. For instance, oil and gas production has bad impact on ecology. Factories that deal with these resources produce a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide which results in air pollution. Air pollution, in turn, is a problem that is tightly connected with the global warming. If mankind proceeds intensify using of oil and gas, the global warming and other ecological disasters are likely to be the end of humanity's existence.

Moreover, the global demand in oil and gas ​​is one of primary reasons for tense relationships between countries. Competition amongst governments can easily lead to open hostility and, as a sequence, wars. Besides, history proves and confirms this: lots of wars were consequences of demand in resources. Furthermore, investigating new areas in order to discover more resources might take too much expenditures and desirable succes is not ensured. It is better to invest in other more essential aspects of mankind activity.

In addition, regarding with rapid development of technologies, there are being invented means which could substitute oil and gas. For instance, there are solar​ panels which are ecologically friendly and provide decent amount of energy without side effects. Moreover, there is an increasing amount of cars that do not require oil to function. Eventually, if people invest in alternate source of energy rather than spend money on exploration of new areas in order to find out more oil and gas, it will be more less challenging to stand against ecological disasters.

In conclusion, it has been explained why and how investigation of new locations to discover more oil and gas can lead to humongous issues in the future. Also there has​​ been provided reasons for investing in alternate source of energy than oild and gas production.