July 6, 2020

Task 1

The given table provide information about the underground railway systems in different cities (London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles). The statistics provided are the year opening the railway systems, the kilometres of route and the total number of travellers per year in millions.

Overall, as is observed, London was the first to establish an underground railway system compared to other five cities and the system was launched in 1863. Also, London has the longest railway system among all six cities which covers a total distance of 394 km. By contrast, there is the most recent railway system in Los Angeles that was opened in 2001 and it is also one of shortest one (28 km.).

The railway system which was established in 1927 in Tokyo is the most used one with 1927 million passengers per year. The next comes the Paris (1191 million). In contrast, Kyoto and Los Angeles have the less used as well as the shortest railway systems (45 million and 50 million, 11 km. and 28 km., respectively).

The railway system of Washington DC was opened in 1976 and covers the complete distance of 126 km. Over 140 million people uses it each year. That is significantly less than those of Paris's railway system (1191 million, considering the length of 199 km.). Paris railway system is the second oldest, the second longest and the second the most used one, yielding to London and Tokyo, respectively.