June 23, 2020


Currently, the impressive increase in travels between countries allow tourists to know more about diverse cultures as well as can give rise to tension between citizens and visitors. Although there can arise hostility among people from different cultures, the issues are pretty solvable.

International travel give to numerous tourists as well as local people opportunities to learn other cultures, thus widening their overviews. This enable people with different culture background comprehend each other more clearly. Moreover, almost all countries are not against international travel because it favourably affects economics. Local inhabitants have benefit of this and thereby do their businesses. For instance, there are numerous businessmen who deal with tourists. They usually hold hotels, souvenir stores and other facilities which could be interesting for ones from other countries. In order to keep business working and avoid conflicts it's preferable to learn other cultures.

On the other hand, there can be emerged tension between visitors and local inhabitants due to misunderstandings. People may have distinctive cultural beliefs and it can lead to serious contradictions. As a sequence, there arise conflicts which would demand instant solutions. For instance, muslim people may not abide traditions of other cultures such as eating pork or supporting LGBT.

Nevertheless, if both citizens and visitors approach mutual understanding, excess tension goes away. Since it is more beneficial for both conflicting sides to reach peace, "local wars" are getting rare.