It is considered by some people that it is better for children to grow up in the city, whereas others reckon that life in the village is more respective. Both cities and countryside have their own advantages as well as drawbacks.

Life in the city provides young people with numerous opportunities. There are a lot of sections such as chess, football, drawing, which help children get diverse skills. They give to youth perspective opportunities to reach their desires and dreams. Additionally, there are more source of information in cities. It is easier to get access to the internet in cities. Also, there are more libraries which provide children with good amount of information. However, children are usually prone to more diseases since there is an air pollution in cities. Factories and cars spoil the air so the probability of getting cancer and other illnesses increases.

On the other hand, it can be more suitable for children to live in the countryside. The main reason is that it is more convenient for children to get to the school. There are less roads and, consequently, cars in the countryside so parents are not bothered about accidents. Moreover, environment in the villages is more clear rather than in cities. Usually, there are no factories so people are more healthy in villages. However, education in the countryside is usually low and non-efficient. Since teachers get less salary, quality of education decreases.

In conclusion, while life in the city provides young people with opportunities and education, countryside is safer to live in.