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4 Mistakes Tech Companies Need to Avoid For Better B2B Leads

It’s a given that competition is tough for technology companies! So how do technology companies stand out while creating unique value for their customers and eventually earn more business? This is the perennial question and companies are struggling to get a solution. However the solution can surface only when you get rid of the unwanted and wrong practices deployed.

Why the New Avatar of B2B Content Can Bring More Business

B2B readers are human beings too! How about you hinge your copy or B2B content on that one fact?

Understanding B2B (Business to Business)

Have you ever wondered why B2B is called a challenging and complex market? Well, it hasn’t earned that reputation for anything, as it is a tough market to crack, given the fact that the customers of B2B are other businesses and not direct consumers unlike B2C.

Newsletter – A Great Tool to Enhance Your Outreach and ROI

When you are ready with your email lists; the next thing probably on your mind would be to have a newsletter to be sent out to your customers.

Why Content Syndication Could Be Your Success Mantra for B2B Lead Generation

Content Syndication has been there in B2B industry for long; but it is only now that organizations are witnessing a surge in its popularity and rightly so!

3 Lead Generation Mistakes B2B Marketers Can’t Afford to Make

Getting good leads is always a top priority for B2B business owners. Good leads have the potential to convert into business thus enhancing the ROI. Marketers often adopt various different strategies for augmenting their lead generation processes and thus the results too. Your lead generation strategy might be strong, but it is also important that you pay attention to the details and do not commit mistakes that might cost you some good leads.

Why Marketing Qualified Leads - MQL is Every B2B Company’s ROI Catalyst

Two things that represent the core objectives of any B2B company are Leads and ROI. And to ensure you achieve the objectives, it is important to have a proper process at every stage of your marketing and sales activity. MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) is not about quantity but they are all about quality! One can nurture leads better if the leads are sorted and narrowed down to qualify as Marketing Qualified Leads.

The Changing Dynamics of Demand Generation in the year 2020

The scope of demand generation has rapidly changed over the years and it’s tricky to pin down on a few things to be able to really define demand gen. The nature of demand generation has been evolving over the past decade or so and it continues to evolve even more in the year 2020.

Why Being Social is the New Normal for Effective Demand Generation in 2020

You can only generate demand when you know people and when people know you. This equation is unbeatable and unchangeable and this is what makes social media so special for those who want to generate leads through demand generation.

Strategies to Optimize Your B2B Email Marketing Campaign

How can you add value to your B2B email marketing campaigns or strategies when you want to optimize the campaigns for best outcomes? There is no one definite answer to this, since it is a combination of strategies and tactics that work the best in case of B2B email marketing.