May 31, 2021

Useful Guide to Successful Resource Mobilization Action Plan

Resource mobilization is basically a theory employed in the study of social movements and insists that the success of social movements heavily depends on resources (money, time, skills, etc.) and the capability to utilize them. When the theory first surfaced, it was a breakthrough in the study of social movements as it focused on sociological variables instead of psychological ones. However, to create a successful resource mobilization action plan, you must understand what the term is all about.

What is Resource Mobilization?

Resource mobilization is also frequently considered as ‘New Business Development’. In simple terms, resource mobilization attributes to all activities included in securing new and additional financial, human and material resources to proceed with its mission for your organization. It also includes making better use of and increasing existing resources.

Innate efforts to mobilize resources are the guide to organizational sustainability. However, before finding ways of resource mobilization and involving volunteers, possible and existing donors, you should pay keen attention to ensuring that your organization is considered adequate and dynamic in its identity, approach, and influence.

Importance of Resource Mobilization

Nowadays, various non-governmental and civil society organizations are looking to attain a higher level of organizational sustainability. For doing so, organizations must broaden their funding base to reflect a combination of revenue streams that involve fees from clients and funding from corporate sponsors, public sector subsidies, donors, and various other funding and investment processes. Moreover, it allows for a diversification of risk and does not jeopardize the effective implementation of vital programs that enhance the lives of their beneficiaries.

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