March 18, 2019

Podcasts I discovered last year

Last year was when I really got back into the listening to podcasts regularly. These are a few good ones that I discovered.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

This is a very interesting premise for a comedy podcast. Conan interviews several of his celebrity guests in the hope of discovering why it is that he never formed any lasting friendships with any of them. It’s a funny podcast that gives you some insights into not just the guests themselves but also about his close employees. If you are regular listener of podcasts, you will also be familiar with the most common ads that are a part of each show. Conan puts his own little spin on these with hilarious results. These are a highlight for me and I could watch the podcast for these alone.

Everything is Alive

In Everything is Alive every episode features a mock interview with an inanimate object. I never expected to like a podcast with such a quirky premise but somehow they made it work. The production quality is top notch and the conviction with which the voice actors deliver their lines is beyond compare.

Cabinet of Curiosities

This podcast comes from the creator of the more widely known podcast Lore. While episode of lore is a longer dive into one specific event from the past, this new podcast feature more bite sized episodes lasting no longer than 10 minutes about similar types of incidents that are mostly having to do with extraordinary coincidences and surprising origin stories of some famous people. It’s a breezy listen for when your short on time