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Country Pod Take Me Home

She missed the motor pools, she shared on the way back from work, until just a decade ago. Ever since personal pods had become the preferred means of transport, she wondered if she was the only one who had ever enjoyed them. She pressed her face to the fiberglass that covered her pod, to try and catch the eyes of others travelling on parallel lines. The pods however, whizzed by too fast for her to make any real contact. It was at the interchanges where she had the only real chance to make out a face. As the years went by and the system had evolved the pod’s speed was adjusted dynamically to minimize the slowdowns or stops required at interchanges. Despite these advances, her pod still stopped at least once or twice a week at the interchange.


I had heard a little bit about 1917. It was a war movie and on the technical side created to appear like one continuous shot. That was the thing I was most curious about. We don’t watch too many movies at the theater but this sounded like something best experienced on the large screen. Going in I had two questions on my mind. Could the movie pull of this technical feat and if it did manage to pull it off would it end up being a case of all style and no substance?

Podcasts I discovered last year

Last year was when I really got back into the listening to podcasts regularly. These are a few good ones that I discovered.