Grant Cardone "Be obsessed or be average"

I've never written book's reports in English and it's my first time. Today I'll tell you about one of the best books in my life. This is "Be obsessed or be average"

The author, Grant Cardone, is a cool businessmen in real estate, sales teacher and just an extraordinary man. I've read some of his books like "10X rule" & "Sell of be sold". I really liked these books, because they tell the truth about your life. Many authors write very carefully, but he is really direct and this way works better for me. He says things like "Don't be a whiner, don't be a victim". This way he tries to punch you

Many people will tell you that your obsession with success is a bad thing. They can say 'relax, take it easy', but this is really the wrong way to get what you want in life. Sometimes when you reach success you get relaxed and lose your results. Grant tries to explain that you should be unsatisfied with your results and your success

You can be successful without being obsessed, but you can't reach the level of success I am talking about without being obsessed

Why do so many people lack the motivation to do something? They are depressed and frustrated. The main reason why so many people are average is because they lost their obsession, they forgot how to love this life. But you can also be obsessed with wrong things, so you should always be ready to correct your way as you go

Never satisfied with any success you achieve? All of these unsettled feelings are signs that you are obsessed

Always remember that you can do more and if somebody tells you to take it easy or that you are too crazy, that's not your friend. They are just trying to convince themselves that they didn't give up on their dream, but the circumstances made them do it

Grant also recommends to keep your obsessions fresh. If you see that this goal is not good for you or you are not interested in it anymore, it's a reason to change your goal. Try to set new goals for yourself

If you're really obsessed with success you must surround yourself with others obsessed with success
The "burnout" had started because I was no loner obsessed with fulfilling my monster purpose and continuing to build on what I was doing

But you can ask me, "Does that mean I shouldn't have any rest?" Of course not. Grant explains that you should also have extra vacations, but I really doubt you work as a workaholic. You don't even work 10 hours a day

If you are going to see your obsession all the way through, you must be ready to deal with haters and naysayers. If you don't have haters, that means you are not successful enough

I would others thinks less of me think less of myself. I would rather a broker, agent, and seller think less of me than put myself, my business, my future, and you in further danger by playing the 'nice guy'
So don't sweat the little stuff. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in details. And don't be afraid of venturing into new territory with your money
Truly talented people know the opportunity is always more important than 'How much?'. The entrepreneurial employee will always focus on the chance, not just the money
I don't hire people to just do their jobs; I hire people to help me grow my company

I hope this book really helps you to improve your understanding of how your own power works and gives you motivation