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LinkedList Implementation and Basic Operations

This is the first blog on linked lists that contains implementations in Java and introduces basic operation such as add, get and delete. You can also read about problems and their solutions on linked lists on LinkedList Common Problems and Solutions post.Linked List is a sequence of data that are connected by links. Each list item is commonly referred as Node. Every node stores certain data and a link to the next element. On the other hand, Linked lists can also have two links (previous and next) to optimize some operations. They are called doubly linked lists.Here is a simple illastration of singly linked lists.

LinkedList Common Problems and Solutions

This is my second blog on LinkedLists. In this blog, some of the most common problems and their solutions are discussed. You can also read about types of linked lists and implementations in Java in my prvious post, LinkedList Implementation and Basic Operations. To make a best use of this post, please read the question first and do little brainstorm before moving on to the solution. You can also try to implement solution once you are familiar with solution idea.1) Given a singly linked list, determine if it has a cycle in it.

Binary Tree Common Problems and Solutions

In this post you can learn about binary tree common problems and their solutions in Java. You can also find interesting and elite problems solutions about Linked Lists in my previous post.

File IO operation comparisons in Java

When I have free time, I attend contests in Online Judge websites just for fun. To get AC (passed all test cases and accepted) result in these contests, your solution has to be time and memory efficient. Most of the problems have several test cases to evaluate solutions. So, reading those test cases from file and outputting your results into another file to check may take much time as File Input and Output (IO) operations are toooo slow compared to other operations in most programming languages.I decided to benchmark all possible ways of reading and writing data into files in Java. Now I present you some results I found. Note that this post only shows results without any tuning disk file IO such as low level caching. Here are some...

Microservice Architecture Pattern using Spring Boot and netflix technologies and helpful hints

This project can be used as showcase or Proof of Concept to build and manage micro services using Spring Boot.

How to write clean code

In this article, I am going to talk about a few key points on how to write clean code by avoiding some common mistakes. The term clean code is very broad and subjective, but there are conventions, standards and points to consider in coding that makes it more human readable.

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