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Explain about ServiceNow monitoring tools?

You did not see any discussions or articles that were similar. If you are not sure how many of you in ServiceNow or anything similar are using the event management suite, but You wanted to put this out there to help you prevent any of the drawbacks we experienced as we rolled it out. To help minimize outages and improve productivity for your team and (if you have one) the EOC/NOC, there are several nice features available. Our mechanism began to resolve the creation of multiple events that generate due to notifications from multiple tools for the same outage. We can compare the warnings, display them on a service chart, and produce just one by making these alerts go through an event management method.

ServiceNow ITIL and ITSM processes

It’s believed that you grasp the distinction between the words ITSM and ITIL in the IT world. Not everybody uses ITSM and ITIL properly, however; some also use ITSM and ITIL interchangeably, magnifying the frustration of everyone. ITSM stands for IT Service Management in ServiceNow, referring to the practical practice of IT operational services management. By comparison, ITIL is a system of best practices on how to set up the organization’s ITSM.

Explain about PEGA application data routing for PEGA CPBA

To start implementing the framework, the PEGA application includes a collection of data types, data pages, and sample data. Instead of using the sample data supplied by the PEGA application, you will need to use the data from your site’s record system.

Integration In PEGA-PRPC

Pega/PRPC is a popular rules engine and BPM tool from Pega systems that is gaining a good market share among large corporations. Architects and developers build the Pega/PRPC instance while administrators and even select business analysts have the option of changing workflow rules during runtime. In fact, their motto itself is "Build for change".


The technology is advancing rapidly in almost all the fields, not in a minute but in every second. With this quick development in technology, tremendous growth has been observed in the global automation industry. The usage of automation techniques is in continuous growth and it is anticipated for the predictable future. The robotic process automation is one of the revolutions in the automation industry, and it is expected to increase higher potential in terms of utilization and staff implementation in the upcoming year.

10 Top Advantages of Node.js in eCommerce Industry

For e-commerce businesses, scalability is highly important. It is obvious that a lot of people will use your app. As your business will grow, the number of users will increase. It is very vital that each of them is able to use your platform flawlessly.

ALB Ingress Controller on Amazon EKS

The following diagram details the AWS components this controller creates. It also demonstrates the route ingress traffic takes from the ALB to the Kubernetes cluster.

Useful React Components for 2020

For me, small and specific solutions in the form of single components, make more sense than the all-in-one solutions offered by component libraries. I like to pick and choose my own components, I don’t like long documentations and I’d like to avoid meaningless updates that often break things.

Crypto in Node.js

Crypto is a module in Node.js which deals with an algorithm that performs data encryption and decryption. This is used for security purposes like user authentication where storing the password in Database in the encrypted form.

React Hooks 101: useState and useEffect

React components are simply functions. Some are created with classes, better known as stateful and/or class components, and the others are created with functions only, also known as stateless and/or functional components.