What Drives Digital Transformation: Right Technology Or Right Strategy

Digital technologies have the power to reshape the industry across various sectors. Recently, more and more companies are adopting digital technologies on a large scale to keep pace with the trends and their competition.

The issues with organizations regarding most digital transformations which fail not due to the technology enhancement but due to cultural and organizational challenges. The level of maturity in the organization mainly affects the success rate to a large extent. In general, organizations reach a higher level of sophistication. Then they develop all the four types of digital technologies, which are social, cloud, mobile, and analytics in equal measurement.

Moreover, more sophisticated technologies are most likely to be used as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. The success of the digital transformation often depends on strategy than on the type of technology used.

Digital Transformation: Developing A Perfect Strategy

The below-mentioned points serve as a guide while developing digital transformation strategies.

Begin With Defining The Business Objectives

Often, it is observed that the digital transformation fails because the organizations mostly focus on the technologies that are to be employed instead of evaluating how technology helps in achieving particular business objectives. The first step of developing the right strategy is to determine business outcomes that the organization aims to make. According to the business objective, the right technology can be chosen.

Start With Automating The Most Tedious Tasks

Resistance to the technology change in the firm is inevitable as employees often fear that technology will replace them. Due to this fear, they are slow in adopting it, which has a negative impact on the performance. The most common mistakes organization do is replacing technology by humans for lowering the cost. However, such a mistake causes a decrease in employee morale and causing reduce in overall effectiveness. A better approach for the organization was to use technology to enhance the efficiency of the employees. The best solution is to start automating the most tedious tasks initially and enjoy the benefits of having time to focus on essential tasks. In contrast, the machines can focus on low-level tasks. Therefore, hire app developer to develop an app that automated the most tedious tasks.

Adopt An Outside-In Approach To Customer Experience

If an organization wants to succeed with better profits and customer satisfaction, then it is crucial to improve customer experience. To improve it, the organization needs to gather inputs from customers to know their expectations primarily. Instead, then forming strategies internally, it is advisable to follow the outside-in approach to get better contributions from the customers.

Sometimes instead of implementing specific tools to improve customer satisfaction, smaller changes should be made by adopting several sets of tools at different points of the service cycle, which can be productive.


Digital transformation is relatively new, and thus it is too early to define the factors that ensure a successful implementation of digital technologies. Besides the need to have the right strategies for processes, cultures, and mindsets that foster successful transformation, the companies should focus on letting their future aims to decide the most suitable technology instead of being the way around.