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Less Is More: Ultimate Guide Of Minimalist Mobile Application Design

An application developer and designer focus more and more on a smooth user experience. There was a time when adding too many colors and elements into your application was the norm. But time has changed, users have started to leaning towards minimal approaches and elements.

No matter what is your product requirement and what you want to deliver, app developers have to incorporate the minimal app design and build a dynamic app with limited aspects. Minimalism in app design is defined as a process that works on the “less is more” principle.

The minimalist UI design offers so many benefits; thus, most of the business person loves it.

Top 3 Apps Which Provides More Convenience To People To Work from Home

Every one of us is aware of the COVID-19 outbreak, we know it well that it has spread globally. Most of the businesses are experiencing a huge impact on the overall activities of their business due to this unexpected outbreak.

What Drives Digital Transformation: Right Technology Or Right Strategy

Digital technologies have the power to reshape the industry across various sectors. Recently, more and more companies are adopting digital technologies on a large scale to keep pace with the trends and their competition.

What Should An Entrepreneur Do To Handle Business Failure?

Startups of today are dealing with the fierce market competition and failing at a business attempt is no more a big deal. As the vast number of competitors are out to gather as many customers as they can, it becomes necessary for them to control their expenses and collect as many customers as they can.

Digital Innovation Has Changed The Banking Industry

The term digital itself suggests that automatic, which saves time and requires less human resources. Digitization is the process of converting data into digital format. Converting into digital means with the help of technology, we can make faster and it offeres accuracy. Not only banking but for all types of industry from small scale to corporates, everyone has adopted this change and making the economy faster. With the help of technology, banks can reach out to more customers and provide better service to them.ex- mobile banking, atm, debit card, credit card, and internet banking, etc. There are many advantages of digitization in the banking industry.

Is LinkedIn Good For Job Search To Job Seekers?

Linkedin is not just a social media website where you post pictures and get comments, but it is a professional network that allows you to make connections on a larger scale. Linkedin is having a large database of professionals and executives. Twitter, facebook there are many platforms which will enable you to built profile, but LinkedIn is a suitable platform to connect with the same level of people. Apart from this profile creation feature, it allows you to search for a particular person you are searching for to join. Hence, coming to the point, is it worth it for job seekers? Let's discuss this.

Mobile App Testing: Explore a Competent Approach to Organizing It

Nowadays, no one of us can imagine our life without mobile applications and smart devices. It has become one of the essential elements of our daily routine. As per the survey, more than 2.47 million apps are present on the Google Play store, while 1.8 million available apps on the Apple app store. Customers can choose any type of application from the app store to accomplish their routine tasks more systematically and effectively.

Mobile App Testing: 4 Important Tips to Consider for Being a Winner at App Store

Nowadays most of the customer prefers to spend most of their time with a smart device. According to the eMarketer report, adults spent around 3 hours 35 minutes on their smartphones, most of their time is spent browsing one or another app which helps them to accomplish the work more effectively and flexibly.

Ecommerce Marketing Tips: Boost Your Business Growth Using Each of It

Starting and running an eCommerce business is quite a challenging task for all businesses globally. Various tricks and techniques can be used to strengthen the sales of the e-commerce business. But all these tricks and techniques can prove to be irrelevant if businesses are unable to choose the right one for marketing their business in the most effective ways.

A Step-By-Step Approach to Android App Development: Learn It the Right Way

The app development market is growing exponentially. As the developers are becoming more and more concerned about excellent app development, businesses are reaping the fruits as it has become easier to obtain an efficient application without needing tons of financial investment as the development approaches are also upgrading. However, Android is still leading the market with 87% of the market share worldwide. Hence, it becomes necessary to learn Android app development as it guarantees a brighter future in the development industry.