I'm inspired by teams, connection, trust and freedom. Values of Teal organizations are the ones to be shared for the future of humanity, for the higher work/life satisfaction and for more productive and effective organizations. I believe that corporate culture can be one of the keys that make companies flourish and people bring their whole selves to work.

I'm also inspired by individuals and transformations that happen when they take their own responsibilities and answer uncomfortable questions in coaching.

Personnel growth and development (coaching, training), company culture are among my strongest points so far.

You are welcome for personal coaching and let's see how far you can get. I'm working in non-directive approach and Gestalt approach.

My hats:

  • International Recruiter since 2014. Worked in-house with hiring managers and remotely (since 2017) with CEOs and tech leads. Hired on Belorussian, CIS, US, German and EU markets.
  • Career coach and consultant.
  • Organizational consultant and organizational therapist in Gestalt approach.
  • Soft-skills business trainer and facilitator. (around 200 h of training delivery, trained new trainers) Recent topics are Emotional Intelligence and Non-Violent Communication.
  • #IamRemarkable facilitator
  • Traveler (25 countries in Europe, lived and worked in Las Palmas, Munich, Kiev). Therefore open-minded and aware of different cultures.
  • Volunteer. Founded the local group of European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management in 2011. Organized around 4 exchange projects and managed a team of 10 people. ESTIEM Alumni and organizational coach now.

Contacts skype: olga.sokolchik.a ; Telegram @sokolchikos

Key words: Full-cycle recruitment, employee relations, customer service, teamwork and collaboration, project management, scheduling and planning, sourcing, effective interviewing, feedback, ATS, meeting coordination, copywriting.

Spiral dynamics, Organizational Change Management, Adizes Methodology, Teal organization, group decision making, holacracy, mindfulness, human-oriented business approach, change management, strategic planning. Coaching, non-directive coaching.

Technologies I've searched and hired for: - Blockchain; - Ethereum; - IOTA, Tangle; - Scala; - Rust; - Java Backend; - Java Full-stack; - JavaScript Front-End; React, ReactNative, NodeJS - PHP, Web full stack; - iOS; - Android; - DevOps; - Ruby on Rails; - Database developers (PL/SQL); - UI/UX designers, Unity developers; - PHP full stack. Marketing positions: Project Managers, Business Analysts, Technical Evangelists and Technical writers, Sales (Business Development Managers), Researchers, Internet Marketers, Copywriters, Office managers, Account managers etc.

Olga Sokolchik