April 24, 2019

Hot to Care Less About What People Think of You

We live in a judgmental age, there is no denying it. Everything including our clothing, makeup, hair and even our opinions are judged by others continuously. This is made worse by the inception of social media, which, on the surface, allows our value to be interpreted by the amount of ‘likes’ that we get on a photo. But if you are feeling self conscious and worrying what people think of you then it is time to knuckle down and lean how to not give a f***. You are worth more than other people’s perceptions. So take a look at a few of the things that you can do to give less of a hoot today!

Stop Apologizing For Being You

If you are the kind of person that apologises continuously for being you then it may just be time to stop. Have an opinion that is different to everyone else's? Don't apologise. Feel like people are judging your outfit? Don't apologise. Feel like you are too fat, too thin, too spotty, not rich enough, too loud or even too quiet? Who cares, don't apologize! As long as you are not causing harm to anyone else, you do you!

Look After You, For Once

Take the time that you deserve to look after yourself. Make use of discounts and promo codes and buy yourself something that you really want, not something that you think you should want. People have spent years pursuing a career, the perfect body or an education that deep down they didn't really want, just because thats what other people thought they should do. Look after your own want, your own needs and your own aspirations, no one else's.

Love Your Flaws: They are What Make You Who You Are

Stop beating yourself up for the little things and start loving your flaws again! They are what makes you who you are. Life would be boring if we were all stick thin supermodels. Love those flaws, show them off and most importantly, don't give two cents about what other people’s distorted views might be about them!

Your Happiness is More Important than What Others Think

Remind yourself that your happiness is more important. Spend time enjoying being you rather than worrying about other people. Honestly, most people are so caught up in their own lives that they don't even notice those things that you are feeling insecure about. Your happiness is always more important. So go be happy!

Social Media Can Make it Worse

Social media has long been ridiculed for the high ideals that it conveys. Scrolling through a feed full of smiling faces, perfect selfies and airbrushed photos are not very likely to make you feel a whole lot better. While it is great to have goals to look and feel a certain way, social platforms can make you feel worse. Try taking social breaks in order to work on you, your life and your goals.

There are so many ways that you can start down the road of giving less of a hoot what people think of you, and these are just a few of them. So make sure that you stop apologising, look after yourself, love your flaws, take breaks from social media and remember that your happiness is so much more important than what people think of you.