The Health Benefits of Regular Travel

There is something beautiful about travel and lifestyle. Whenever you intend to plan one of the questions you ought to ask yourself is how the travel experience will benefit your health. Do not forget the fact that proper planning is what makes a travel experience memorable. Here are some of the top health benefits of regular travel;

Happiness and contentment

Satisfaction is one of the main objectives each one of us has whenever we are going on a trip. Travelling makes you happy because you invest in yourself. Fulfilled dreams and met expectations are part of the satisfaction that comes with travel. As you book your services, be sure to settle for offers that are geared towards meeting your expectations and making you happy.

Improved mental health

Visiting new places has a way of impacting on your mental health. To begin with, every place has a way of life, unique characteristics, climatic conditions, and challenges. The ability to adapt to a new environment, deal with challenges and overcome them widens your mental scope. It also fosters cognitive development due to a broadened perspective on how you view things. Travelling is simply a learning experience, and you will always be more knowledgeable about learning from new people, places and cultures.

Strong immune system

Moving from place to another boosts your immune system. Different environments have different bacteria, and they boost your antibodies and enable your body to protect itself against diseases. Besides, travelling has become easy nowadays thanks to Parking at Airports. You can get discounts of up to 72% off on your airport transfers, airport car parking, and cheap car hire. All you have to do is pre-book online and enjoy your new destinations like never before. With Parking at Airports, you get both early bird and last minute deals at unbelievably low prices.

Reduced levels of stress

Never confirm yourself in one place when the burdens of life weigh down on you. Sometimes what you need is to take yourself somewhere new. To begin with, travelling helps you unwind. Your focus will shift from the usual day to day concerns. Meeting new people will also impact positively on your healing process. As you go about travelling, be sure to interact with the locals. You will be surprised at just how relieving it can get.

Enhances creativity

Sometimes you are unable to start something you have been planning for a long time due to lack of motivation. New places, faces, and environments can inspire you into starting something new or enhancing what you are already working on. Always remember the fact that travelling is learning; and there is so much to learn and copy from people who do things differently from us.

Enhances self-development

Travelling helps you to acquire and improve your life skills. Adaptation and the ability to survive a new environment enhances responsibility and mindfulness. Some of the best life skills are learned away from home. Let your travel experiences make you a better person.   

May 7, 2019
by @steve101

The World’s Best Hiking Routes

Hiking is one healthy activity that makes you fit all around. Sometimes the best way to experience a country is through trekking a trek in the form of a hike. If you have plans to go hiking, there is a wide range of places from across the world that you can do this from. Whether you want to explore your continent or stretch abroad, here is our top list of the world’s best hiking routes;

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

The Everest Base Camp, Nepal makes up the world’s most leading hiking route. Getting to the top of the highest mountain in the world is one of the greatest achievements. The best thing about this route is that it does not need you to be an expert at hiking. Be sure to spend quite some amount should you need connectivity. Otherwise, be ready for instagrammable locations with every ben of the trek. You will enjoy beautiful sceneries and breathtaking nature at its best.

The Arora Trail, New Zealand

The beautiful landscapes of New Zealand alone should make you have a hiking destination of this country on your bucket list. With over 160 treks cutting through the heart of New Zealand, trekking the Arora Trail will take you up to six months to complete. The beautiful landscapes, island edges, national parks, farmlands, and jungles will give you an incredible time there. The best times to go trekking here are in between October through to April.

Tour de Mont Blanc

Experience the best of Europe by taking on Tour de Mont Blanc. The breathtaking route cuts across three countries, France, Switzerland, and is worth noting that you can choose to experience the 170 km trail all at once in an anti-clockwise manner starting from France to Italy, to Switzerland back to France or select a trail that best suits your desires. Most of all, you will experience some of the most beautiful glaciers landscapes there are in Europe. Your stay will be worthwhile since you will have lots of options in terms of accommodation. Make use of Parking at Airports for the best deals in airport car parking, ferry crossings, cheap car hire, and airport transfers to this amazing destination.

Overland Track, Australia

The Overland trek, Australia is one of those dreamy hiking experiences you have been fantasizing about. The trek is simply beautiful, and no words can describe how much fun you will have here to being with, this trek is all about the woods and wildlife. You are likely to get wet so get waterproof items for the best experiences. There are breathtaking waterfalls, jaw-dropping valleys and landscapes, windy ridges, and so much more.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Going hiking to Africa should be among the top items on your bucket list. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the second largest mountain in the world. This spectacular location is the ideal description of the best place to not only hike but also see animals in the world. The scenic views to expect include glacier, the savannah, deserts, and so much more. It is worth noting that the terrain is quite demanding as each bend poses a challenge. Nevertheless, it will be one of your best hiking experiences.

April 26, 2019
by @steve101

The Easy Was to Further Your Career and Boost your CV.

A successful career requires a lot of dedication, commitment, and effort. It is your responsibility to ensure that your CV is up to date and includes some unique features that make it stand out from the rest should you need to apply for a job. What are some of the easy ways through which you can further your career and boost your CV?

Pursue further studies

The way to escalating career heights is through qualifications. Qualifications go beyond work experience. Dedicate yourself to improving not only your work experience but also your level of studies. Pursuing further studies in your field equips you with new knowledge applicable in your field. It also updates you on how technology is improving your field of specialisation hence makes you susceptible to promotions and better pay.

Take up leadership roles

Being a leader gives you an added advantage at your workplace. When writing or updating a CV do mention the leadership position that you hold in society or club. Moreover, many companies today are recruiting employees with leadership skills. These companies require efficiency and the count on your leadership capacity to be able to deliver without any hitches both in communication, time management, and teamwork.


There is a significant advantage in being a volunteer. Service to humanity and giving back to the community are some of the most precious and priceless gifts that one could ever have. Being a volunteer opens up opportunities for you because it convinces your employers that you can get through tough times and you can also help whenever there is a problem. Always update your CV with all your volunteer engagements as these come in handy whenever you need promotion, scholarship, higher pay, travelling and many other types of opportunities.

Learn a new skill on the side

The world today needs multi-skilled people. You can choose to take a course on the team that is in line with your career. Alternatively, you can take up marketable courses such as programming, communication, among others. You can get course discount with Promo Codes For, so it doesn't have to cost a lot of money!

Get evaluated

You can ask your boss to assess you. Most of all, treat the feedback provided as a tool to help you improve on your career. Additionally, do not take the remarks personally. A sincere boss will give you constructive feedback that can help you further your career.

Network in your industry

Networking helps you to make meaningful connections. Additionally, you get updated on the latest in your industry. Such information enables you to polish n your skills as well as your CV. Attend conferences, seminars, and training for improved productivity.

Improve the readability of your CV

Your CV has a high impact on the success of your interview. Firstly, improve on the readability of your CV. Secondly, highlight your achievements, skills, capabilities, and expertise. Let the reader of your CV be able to identify your area of expertise. A well-written CV will ease the whole interview process since you will more likely be asked questions related to your experience.

April 26, 2019
by @steve101

Hot to Care Less About What People Think of You

We live in a judgmental age, there is no denying it. Everything including our clothing, makeup, hair and even our opinions are judged by others continuously. This is made worse by the inception of social media, which, on the surface, allows our value to be interpreted by the amount of ‘likes’ that we get on a photo. But if you are feeling self conscious and worrying what people think of you then it is time to knuckle down and lean how to not give a f***. You are worth more than other people’s perceptions. So take a look at a few of the things that you can do to give less of a hoot today!

Stop Apologizing For Being You

If you are the kind of person that apologises continuously for being you then it may just be time to stop. Have an opinion that is different to everyone else's? Don't apologise. Feel like people are judging your outfit? Don't apologise. Feel like you are too fat, too thin, too spotty, not rich enough, too loud or even too quiet? Who cares, don't apologize! As long as you are not causing harm to anyone else, you do you!

Look After You, For Once

Take the time that you deserve to look after yourself. Make use of discounts and promo codes and buy yourself something that you really want, not something that you think you should want. People have spent years pursuing a career, the perfect body or an education that deep down they didn't really want, just because thats what other people thought they should do. Look after your own want, your own needs and your own aspirations, no one else's.

Love Your Flaws: They are What Make You Who You Are

Stop beating yourself up for the little things and start loving your flaws again! They are what makes you who you are. Life would be boring if we were all stick thin supermodels. Love those flaws, show them off and most importantly, don't give two cents about what other people’s distorted views might be about them!

Your Happiness is More Important than What Others Think

Remind yourself that your happiness is more important. Spend time enjoying being you rather than worrying about other people. Honestly, most people are so caught up in their own lives that they don't even notice those things that you are feeling insecure about. Your happiness is always more important. So go be happy!

Social Media Can Make it Worse

Social media has long been ridiculed for the high ideals that it conveys. Scrolling through a feed full of smiling faces, perfect selfies and airbrushed photos are not very likely to make you feel a whole lot better. While it is great to have goals to look and feel a certain way, social platforms can make you feel worse. Try taking social breaks in order to work on you, your life and your goals.

There are so many ways that you can start down the road of giving less of a hoot what people think of you, and these are just a few of them. So make sure that you stop apologising, look after yourself, love your flaws, take breaks from social media and remember that your happiness is so much more important than what people think of you.

April 24, 2019
by @steve101

How to overcome social awkwardness

Suffering from social awkwardness can be quite challenging to deal with. Many people tend to hide and avoid social places and interactions because of feeling inadequate. It is true that social awkwardness can affect your day to day relations. However, everything that has a cause has a solution. If you are here looking for solutions, here are our top tips for overcoming social anxiety;

Go out regularly

What you need is to face the challenge at hand. By going out more regularly, you get used to it. Moreover, you may be able to identify someone else going through the same challenge. Volunteering can also be part of the process. Get all the outdoor outfits from leading online stores and get up to 60% off with My Favourite Voucher Codes!

Identify the signs

The first step to overcoming social anxiety is identifying the symptoms that make you socially anxious. These include; feeling awkward or nervous during social functions, hesitating while talking, finding it challenging to interact while in a special setting, having people stare at you while you talk or make a comment, being extremely conscious about yourself when around people when it is uncalled for, and many more. If you are showing any of the signs as mentioned above, you are most likely dealing with social anxiety.

Single out what causes social anxiety

The next step is for you to identify the factors that make you socially anxious. These could be anything from being around many people, interacting with strangers, meeting people for the first time and the discomfort of having conversations and forming friendships during social settings. Being overly self-conscious is also a significant cause of social anxiety.

Accept that there is a problem

Understand that the first step to healing and finding solutions to problems is acceptance. It does not necessarily mean resignation. On the contrary, it opens up your mind and paves the way for you to think more clearly. Once you accept, you will be ready to take on more effective measures.

Work on your emotions

Work on stabilising your emotions when in a social place. You can always start by practicing in the mirror and preparing for the causative factors that make you feel socially awkward. Avoiding to speak to people is not a solution to social anxiety. Moreover, you will always have to meet and interact with people. Maximise on positive thoughts. Stay positive and open-minded even when interacting with other people. Positive energy, thoughts, and feelings ease tension; hence you will have an easier time holding a conversation in social places.

Get help from an expert or self-help group

You are not alone. Always keep in mind the fact that there is someone else going through the same challenges as you. Moreover, you can sign up for a club or talk to an expert specialised in this field. Self-help groups foster positive social interactions. You will go through sessions that will improve your self-confidence and social interaction skills. Once you have boosted your self-confidence, you’ll interact more freely.

April 17, 2019
by @steve101
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