October 14, 2020

Motion Design for Telegram

Stage 2: Filling the scenes and color

So, on this week I've payed attention for filling the scenes. I've tried to add more cold colors, such as blue, because of, main color of Telegram. But I don't want it to be monochrome, so I've put some different color to the objects.

For example, here I've shown the customization of Telegram app

Here I've filled the scene with the Logo

The process of work is treating me well, because I do something cool with the app I love and use every day

Here I've shown some easter eggs,such as Durov on the magazine cover, and one of my favorite stickers

There is a lot of work to do, so I'll come back later!
And in the end I'll show you the sci-fi tunnel

Waiting for your feedback and ideas!

First chapter: https://teletype.in/@svet.lichniy/F903GtO31