April 26, 2019


Data science is sort of process or algorithm coded into your system in such a way that you could mine

the required data to your liking from a structured and unstructured database.

The main functions of a Data Scientist are: 1. Data Acquisition, 2. Data Preparation, 3. Data Analysis, 4.

Data Modelling, 5. Visualization, 6. Deploy and Maintain.

Data scientists need to acquire data through a well-prepared questionnaire so as to understand the

requirements of the client. Then, through various web-services, Logs, Database, APIs and online

Repositories acquire more data for that project.

Data preparation is a very important function of a data scientist. Here, he needs to clean the

inconsistent data types, misspelt attributes and duplicate values. Then, he transforms the data through

various modifications to his requirements through various tools like – Talend and Informatica.

Next Step is for the Data Scientist to Analyze the data through Exploratory Data Analysis. Here, he needs

to Define and Refine the data by selecting various feature variables that will be used in the model


The next step is Data Modelling. Here, he has to focus on Data Modelling through various software tools

like – KNN, Naïve Bayes, Decision Tree etc. When this frame is completed, then the need of coding

comes which is done through Python or SAS etc. in accordance with the best-suited model.

Visualization is the next important steps to execute that program through – Tableau or Power BI or Qlik

View to see how powerful the model is to serve your needs.

The last step is to Deploy and Maintain. Here, the software or codes developed are put on the pre-

production environment for various backtesting. If needed, various modifications are made to correct

the codes to achieve the best result. When back testing is completed, the Reports and Dash Boards are

used for Real-time Analysis.

It is really interesting how Data Science has changed this world

In the Pharma Industry, it has helped a lot in deeper understanding of the Genetic Issues of a Drug. The

Logistic Companies use Data Science to discover the best time and routes to ship, the best time to

deliver and the best means to transport. Thus, helping them a lot in cost management. The various

Corporate houses use it to predict employee attrition and understand the variables that influence their

turn over. Airlines use it to predict flight delay and notify passengers well in advance for a better travel

experience. Even social Sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. are using Data Science to know the likings of

various users so as to show them the posts for better social communication experience and comments.

Online product selling companies like Amazon, Flipkart etc. are using data science to understand

purchasers requirements and their time of requirements so that they could send them a message, offer

discounts etc. Few Data Science Companies are also helping various political parties to understand the

mood of the public, raise issues in Parliament, help Govt. in Policymaking.

The various Roles offered to a Data Scientist are – Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Deep

Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, and of course, Data Scientist. The salary package is very attractive and

could go up to $200000 p.a. throughout the globe. All sectors are quickly adapting to Data Science for

their cost management, growth and profitability. Learning Data Science is very interesting and

challenging. Harvard Business Review calls this job “The Sexiest Job of 21 st Century”. If you are

interested, then come and study from the best data science courses in Bangalore.