Data science is sort of process or algorithm coded into your system in such a way that you could mine

the required data to your liking from a structured and unstructured database.

The main functions of a Data Scientist are: 1. Data Acquisition, 2. Data Preparation, 3. Data Analysis, 4.

Data Modelling, 5. Visualization, 6. Deploy and Maintain.

Data scientists need to acquire data through a well-prepared questionnaire so as to understand the

requirements of the client. Then, through various web-services, Logs, Database, APIs and online

Repositories acquire more data for that project.

Data preparation is a very important function of a data scientist. Here, he needs to clean the

inconsistent data types, misspelt attributes and duplicate values. Then, he transforms the data through

various modifications to his requirements through various tools like – Talend and Informatica.

Next Step is for the Data Scientist to Analyze the data through Exploratory Data Analysis. Here, he needs

to Define and Refine the data by selecting various feature variables that will be used in the model


The next step is Data Modelling. Here, he has to focus on Data Modelling through various software tools

like – KNN, Naïve Bayes, Decision Tree etc. When this frame is completed, then the need of coding

comes which is done through Python or SAS etc. in accordance with the best-suited model.

Visualization is the next important steps to execute that program through – Tableau or Power BI or Qlik

View to see how powerful the model is to serve your needs.

The last step is to Deploy and Maintain. Here, the software or codes developed are put on the pre-

production environment for various backtesting. If needed, various modifications are made to correct

the codes to achieve the best result. When back testing is completed, the Reports and Dash Boards are

used for Real-time Analysis.

It is really interesting how Data Science has changed this world

In the Pharma Industry, it has helped a lot in deeper understanding of the Genetic Issues of a Drug. The

Logistic Companies use Data Science to discover the best time and routes to ship, the best time to

deliver and the best means to transport. Thus, helping them a lot in cost management. The various

Corporate houses use it to predict employee attrition and understand the variables that influence their

turn over. Airlines use it to predict flight delay and notify passengers well in advance for a better travel

experience. Even social Sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. are using Data Science to know the likings of

various users so as to show them the posts for better social communication experience and comments.

Online product selling companies like Amazon, Flipkart etc. are using data science to understand

purchasers requirements and their time of requirements so that they could send them a message, offer

discounts etc. Few Data Science Companies are also helping various political parties to understand the

mood of the public, raise issues in Parliament, help Govt. in Policymaking.

The various Roles offered to a Data Scientist are – Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Deep

Learning Engineer, Data Engineer, and of course, Data Scientist. The salary package is very attractive and

could go up to $200000 p.a. throughout the globe. All sectors are quickly adapting to Data Science for

their cost management, growth and profitability. Learning Data Science is very interesting and

challenging. Harvard Business Review calls this job “The Sexiest Job of 21 st Century”. If you are

interested, then come and study from the best data science courses in Bangalore.

April 26, 2019
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Pursue Data Science courses from the best institutions

It holds no doubt that Data Science is going to be the most demanded course and skill in the days to come. This is because the amount of demand that is being generated by customers is rising tremendously and the amount of data that is being generated through the collection of such customers’ profile is also very big. In this information age, where information holds so much importance, the companies are in search of people with skills who can analyze such large chunks of data and bring out useful insights from it that can help them know more about the taste and preferences of the consumer and produce products that would in turn be purchased by the customers, generating sales and profit for the company.

The list of organizations providing world class Data Science Courses:

1. EdX- This is an online platform developed by the MITians. The Course is extensive and covers the

basics of Data Science and machine learning. It is run under the name of ‘Statistics and Data

Micro masters.

2. Harvard: The second place that a student can enroll himself/herself into is by Harvard. It is run under

the name ‘CS 109 Data science’.

3. Udemy: Run under the name ‘Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp’, the course

imparts the basics as well as developed knowledge about the subject and allows the students to get

placed too.

4. Metis- Introduction to Data Science is the name of the course that is offered by this institution. It is

also ranked as one of the best courses in data science to be pursued by students.

5. Coursera: A must and the most loved organization for offering courses online, Coursera is ranking among the best organizations in today’s time to get enrolled into for online courses. The experienced faculty and quick doubt solving mechanism makes it one of the best places to learn data science from.

Choose the one that suits you:

Among all these courses, choose the one that serves the maximum value to you. Choose the course that offers you what you want at an affordable price. There are some platforms that are ready to waive the fee for those who are not able to pay for these courses due to the weak financial background. Data Science courses are offered with a different touch by each and every organization. Look for the faculty and the pattern of teaching and the syllabus to choose what is best for you.


Data Science is a thing that is in vogue and in high demand. This skill is not available in the market that easily. Not everyone is good at analyzing data properly, therefore, developing good data skills can help you land a job that is rewarding and gives power to you. It can be the most challenging job at the same time as opinion making on the basis of facts and figure is easy, but the dynamic environmental change scan pose a constant threat to the predictions made by the data analyst.

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Excel R has been an institution that has understood the importance of the rising demand of the data analysts and hence it brings about a data science course in Hyderabad that is taught by the current data gurus in the world to guide the future data analysts better.

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Data science and its benefits

Data science is a field of study, which discovers patterns and insights out of structured and unstructured

data. The significance of data science is increasing with more and more companies collecting data at an

increasing amount. This data requires the skills of a data scientist who can decipher meaning out of the

data. In this era of big data, data science is gaining importance throughout various industries. The

demand of data scientist is higher than their availability which increases the scope for data scientists in

years to come. Data science as an industry is witnessing the booming growth rate due to an increase in

the application of big data and data analytics methods in a variety of operations and decisions in

businesses. Throughout the world, organizations are looking for tools which can simplify the use of data.

The big data technologies are the solution to the problem of data simplification and are thus gaining

demand in the market.

Agriculture, risk management, marketing optimization, fraud detection, public policy, and marketing

analytics are among some of the industries which have adopted data science as an integral part of their

existence. The economy and its various sectors use data science for the resolution of many of its related

data issues. For resolution of these data-related issues, data, science makes use of a variety of methods,

including data preparation, predictive modeling, statistics, machine learning. The approach of data

science differs from the approach of traditional statistics in a way that data science provides methods

whose application doesn't change from domain to the domain while the traditional statistical methods

concentrate on one specific domain.

The traditional methods of data management aim at fetching specific solution to the industry-specific

problem. Data science tries to overcome this problem by providing a standard solution that applies to all

problems equally irrespective of their industry or domain. The academic, as well as applied research

sectors including machine translation, digital economy, speech recognition at one side and healthcare,

medical informatics, social science at another side, are accepting the far-reaching implication of data

science in their day to day operations. Through its technique of data mining and data analysis, data

science provides with intelligence on campaign and consumers of a brand thus gaining impact on growth

and development of a brand.

The connoisseurs of the field of data Science are data scientists who inhibit the skills of computer

scientists, information scientists, software programmers, disciplinary experts, curators, librarian, and

annotators and are trained in managing a digital collection of data. In order to ensure the proper and

effective utilization of data, they organize the conduction of creative inquiry and analysis. They deliver

their services in an organization across various sectors. The quintessential existence of data has

rendered growth and significance to the profession of data scientists. Various brands, businesses, public

agencies are accepting data science professionals as an integral part of their organization.

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The complex and intricate data operations of industries require the services of data scientists which

makes the profession of data scientists significant to the daily working of an organization. This growing

significance of data science attracts many professionals in this field. If you also wish to be part of this

exciting field, gain yourself a data science certification and get on board.

April 10, 2019
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Data Science changing the way of weather forecasting

Weather forecasting is one of the most challenging jobs given the risk involved if wrongly interpreted and the lives of people being at stake. The large number of variables involved and their interdependence on each other further makes it complex. In order to make the right decisions, predicting the weather conditions is extremely important for both humans and businesses like agriculture, air traffic controlling, construction and many more. In one way or the other, every business is dependent on favorable weather conditions. Given the need to predict the weather conditions accurately, the meteorological department collects huge amounts of data every day and every minute to keep an eye on every change taking place and that data has to be stored for future reference and, therefore, needs to be in an organized form to extract useful correlations from it. Data science empowers the weather forecasters to collect, store and analyze this enormous amount of data to be used in more scientific and organized manner to forecast accurate and efficient weather conditions. Softweb’s Intelligence and Analytics software processes the following feed:

 Live weather information from different parts of the world

 Precipitation, pressure, cloud structure, temperature, wind speed, water level in water bodies and humidity data.

 Previous weather data from data libraries for referral.

Data science had proved to be a boon for the meteorological department in the context of huge data they have to deal with and for the society in general. Some of the direct benefits of accurate weather forecasting due to advancement in technology are:

 Helps people to take timely action in case of any natural calamity been predicted to

minimize the loss of life and property.

 Helping people plan their activities in advance according to the weather forecast.

 Helps farmers and agricultural organizations to plan buying and selling of livestock.

 Helps farmers in planning the plantation of crops, water supply and reaping.

 Provides businesses the ability to make decisions about future manufacturing and

business strategies.

An example of big data application in weather forecasting is Deep Thunder by IBM. Deep Thunder gives the weather forecast of extremely specific geographical locations such as an airport or a small island, unlike other systems that give general information for a large region. It can also estimate severity of flood in a region, direction and strength of an approaching storm, precipitation amount in an area, and wind speeds. The information is very helpful to prepare for emergency conditions like evacuating low-lying areas, arranging adequate supply of food and medicine etc. Deep Thunder was used by Brazil during Rio Olympics 2016 and helped in the successful organization of event by precisely knowing the weather conditions in advance. Such programs are extremely important for tropical countries to prevent any loss to nature. Data science has made it possible to predict natural disasters like flood, drought, hurricanes etc. The dramatic change in precision from that of twenty years back has allowed disaster management organizations to be prepared far well than they used to a few decades ago. This has also helped insurance companies to sell insurance policies to farmers for their crops. Data Science helps these companies analyze the risk involved by referring the weather reports of that particular area.

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