Data science and its benefits

by Teja Alex
Data science and its benefits

Data science is a field of study, which discovers patterns and insights out of structured and unstructured

data. The significance of data science is increasing with more and more companies collecting data at an

increasing amount. This data requires the skills of a data scientist who can decipher meaning out of the

data. In this era of big data, data science is gaining importance throughout various industries. The

demand of data scientist is higher than their availability which increases the scope for data scientists in

years to come. Data science as an industry is witnessing the booming growth rate due to an increase in

the application of big data and data analytics methods in a variety of operations and decisions in

businesses. Throughout the world, organizations are looking for tools which can simplify the use of data.

The big data technologies are the solution to the problem of data simplification and are thus gaining

demand in the market.

Agriculture, risk management, marketing optimization, fraud detection, public policy, and marketing

analytics are among some of the industries which have adopted data science as an integral part of their

existence. The economy and its various sectors use data science for the resolution of many of its related

data issues. For resolution of these data-related issues, data, science makes use of a variety of methods,

including data preparation, predictive modeling, statistics, machine learning. The approach of data

science differs from the approach of traditional statistics in a way that data science provides methods

whose application doesn't change from domain to the domain while the traditional statistical methods

concentrate on one specific domain.

The traditional methods of data management aim at fetching specific solution to the industry-specific

problem. Data science tries to overcome this problem by providing a standard solution that applies to all

problems equally irrespective of their industry or domain. The academic, as well as applied research

sectors including machine translation, digital economy, speech recognition at one side and healthcare,

medical informatics, social science at another side, are accepting the far-reaching implication of data

science in their day to day operations. Through its technique of data mining and data analysis, data

science provides with intelligence on campaign and consumers of a brand thus gaining impact on growth

and development of a brand.

The connoisseurs of the field of data Science are data scientists who inhibit the skills of computer

scientists, information scientists, software programmers, disciplinary experts, curators, librarian, and

annotators and are trained in managing a digital collection of data. In order to ensure the proper and

effective utilization of data, they organize the conduction of creative inquiry and analysis. They deliver

their services in an organization across various sectors. The quintessential existence of data has

rendered growth and significance to the profession of data scientists. Various brands, businesses, public

agencies are accepting data science professionals as an integral part of their organization.

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The complex and intricate data operations of industries require the services of data scientists which

makes the profession of data scientists significant to the daily working of an organization. This growing

significance of data science attracts many professionals in this field. If you also wish to be part of this

exciting field, gain yourself a data science certification and get on board.

April 10, 2019
by Teja Alex