April 20, 2019

Pursue Data Science courses from the best institutions

It holds no doubt that Data Science is going to be the most demanded course and skill in the days to come. This is because the amount of demand that is being generated by customers is rising tremendously and the amount of data that is being generated through the collection of such customers’ profile is also very big. In this information age, where information holds so much importance, the companies are in search of people with skills who can analyze such large chunks of data and bring out useful insights from it that can help them know more about the taste and preferences of the consumer and produce products that would in turn be purchased by the customers, generating sales and profit for the company.

The list of organizations providing world class Data Science Courses:

1. EdX- This is an online platform developed by the MITians. The Course is extensive and covers the

basics of Data Science and machine learning. It is run under the name of ‘Statistics and Data

Micro masters.

2. Harvard: The second place that a student can enroll himself/herself into is by Harvard. It is run under

the name ‘CS 109 Data science’.

3. Udemy: Run under the name ‘Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp’, the course

imparts the basics as well as developed knowledge about the subject and allows the students to get

placed too.

4. Metis- Introduction to Data Science is the name of the course that is offered by this institution. It is

also ranked as one of the best courses in data science to be pursued by students.

5. Coursera: A must and the most loved organization for offering courses online, Coursera is ranking among the best organizations in today’s time to get enrolled into for online courses. The experienced faculty and quick doubt solving mechanism makes it one of the best places to learn data science from.

Choose the one that suits you:

Among all these courses, choose the one that serves the maximum value to you. Choose the course that offers you what you want at an affordable price. There are some platforms that are ready to waive the fee for those who are not able to pay for these courses due to the weak financial background. Data Science courses are offered with a different touch by each and every organization. Look for the faculty and the pattern of teaching and the syllabus to choose what is best for you.


Data Science is a thing that is in vogue and in high demand. This skill is not available in the market that easily. Not everyone is good at analyzing data properly, therefore, developing good data skills can help you land a job that is rewarding and gives power to you. It can be the most challenging job at the same time as opinion making on the basis of facts and figure is easy, but the dynamic environmental change scan pose a constant threat to the predictions made by the data analyst.

Resource Box:

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