Casablanca Hotel: An exciting getaway in Subic Bay

Casablanca Hotel can give the feeling of excitement to every guest with its good amenities and overall great service from its staff. It’s also worth telling about its nice building and pool design since both could definitely catch your attention and make you look forward to an exciting and wonderful stay at the place. Subic Bay is the home of different attractions that are perfect for a family or a group of friends that are searching for an adventure. And to make your trip more unforgettable, choose a good and a beautiful hotel to stay, and Casablanca Hotel is one of the recommended hotels in the whole area.

Casablanca Hotel is known for its nice and beautiful building construction, and even if you’re only looking at its exteriors, you can already tell that every room has a nice design and won’t disappoint a guest, which adds more excitement especially if it is your first time at the place. You will also anticipate a nice swim by simply looking at its lovely pool. You can even picture the children being so excited only with the sight of the hotel’s pool. The hotel has something that adults would definitely look forward to as well, and that is a mini-bar located at the very pool of Casablanca, so you don’t need to shop outside for good beverages because the bar has nice choices for you. With this, it is evident that Casablanca makes sure that both adults and children will get excited when visiting the place.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a hotel is the condition of its rooms, and Casablanca Hotel won’t let you down in this matter. Cleanliness and order were both maintained in every room to ensure the comfort of the guests. You can be at ease regarding your basic needs because most of them were already provided inside the room, such as blankets, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tissue papers, plates, kitchen utensils, electric water pot, and more. Your utmost convenience is certain so that you’ll only think about relaxing during your entire stay. You’ll also feel the cool and refreshing air in the room soothing both your body and mind.

Aside from good beverages at the bar, Casablanca Hotel also offers delicious foods at their restaurant. You’ll surely enjoy choosing from different kinds of cuisines and be satisfied with the taste of every dish and have a rewarding meal. To make things more exciting, Casablanca offers free breakfast as well, along with the entertainment provided by a little band performing for you live while you’re having dinner. There’s no mundane time when you’re at Casablanca because of a lot of things that could make you happy and excited.

You can also never go wrong with their staff because each was polite, helpful and friendly to every guest. They are trained to properly meet your needs and answer immediate concerns. Casablanca did a great job in finding kind and hardworking individuals to be a part of their staff.

A relaxing and exciting stay awaits you at Casablanca, so don’t miss any chance to book in advance and have a memorable trip with your family or friends.

February 23, 2018
by @toniocorio3

Casablanca Hotel: Make yourself at home

Have a place to go home to each time you’re having an adventure at Subic Bay with your close friends or loved ones through Casablanca Hotel. The hotel is known in the area for providing great accommodation and excellent staff service to all of their guests.

Experience utmost convenience at Casablanca Hotel and feast your eyes with its unique and elegant architectural design that can’t be found in other hotels nearby. From its standard room to condo supreme, every room was designed to meet the needs of each guest and has complete cutleries, entertainment mediums such as a good television, excellent air conditioner along with huge and comfortable beds, convenient shower, etc. Everything you’re hoping for to have a nice stay is present in each room.

You can even do some shopping since the famed shopping areas at Subic Bay Freeport Zone are near to Casablanca Hotel. It would be lovely to bring a lot of souvenirs once you get home from a short trip at Subic Bay, right?

The pool at Casablanca Hotel is also compelling because of its distinct shape and the most surprising is that it has a functioning bar at the center that offers delightful beverages. The bar is especially perfect for adults who wanted to have some refreshments while having a good time at the pool. You don’t have to worry about the enjoyment of your children because the kiddie pool of the hotel is perfect for every child. Nights spent at Casablanca can be special as well with the beautiful lights glittering around the place.

The food is also suitable for any guests because it varies from Filipino to some foreign cuisines. They are prepared with utmost care to ensure that each meal will satisfy the appetite of all guests. You can even have the most important events in your life to be held at Casablanca Hotel such as birthdays or weddings, or even a simple meeting or a small event since anything could have a good outcome once done at Casablanca.

We invite you to also experience its superior service especially this coming summer and create beautiful memories with your journey at Subic Bay. 

February 21, 2018
by @toniocorio3

Casablanca Hotel: A nice and comfortable stay awaits you

At Casablanca Hotel, a nice and comfortable stay is guaranteed because of its commendable service and great accommodation to guests. This beautiful hotel waits for your arrival, so don’t think twice about spending a few days and nights at this place because you’ll surely enjoy your time here. Summer is coming closer and people will surely book in advance, so don’t miss your chance and book a stay at Casablanca today.

You will not feel mundane in the place because you, together with your family or friends, can spend a worthwhile time in the hotel’s refreshing pool that also has a bar, which adults find amazing and perfect for conversations with friends or loved ones. We all love to have some refreshments while having a conversation with one another, right? Moreover, the pool and the tall tower both have lovely lightings especially at night, which can be romantic for couples.

The rooms at Casablanca Hotel won’t disappoint you because each was properly maintained by the staff. The beds are huge and soft, so comfort is guaranteed. Every room is also complete with cutleries, toothbrushes, and toothpaste, extra towels, blankets, pot kettle, etc. The staff never fails to regularly check that each air conditioner is in their best condition. In addition, the rooms are spacious enough so it is ideal for having all your things organized inside and to avoid the stress caused by cramped rooms. Your stay would surely result in a relaxing one with Casablanca.

As mentioned earlier, the staff always makes sure that everything is in proper order for the satisfaction of every guest. They are often appreciated for their hard work and for the huge effort they’re putting in their respective jobs. Each had undergone proper training so their good performance is to be expected. Remember that your happiness is their priority so there’s no room for doubts about the staff of Casablanca Hotel.

Casablanca Hotel is ideal for birthday party celebrations or wedding receptions as well. The hotel staff will ensure that the special day in your life will turn out perfect. They are thorough with every detail to avoid errors and misunderstandings. Even a simple meeting or a small event can also be held at the hotel.

Subic Bay can be a good choice for experiencing a good adventure during a short vacation, so make sure to only stay in a place that you deserve and that is the Casablanca Hotel.

February 15, 2018
by @toniocorio3

Casablanca Hotel: Witness a great accommodation and service

Let us first talk about how accommodating and helpful the staff of Casablanca Hotel was to every guest. Each was trained to provide a great service to each individual visiting the hotel, making sure that their stay would end up very satisfying to them. The staff can definitely help you with your needs while giving an amicable service.

Every room at Casablanca Hotel also has enough space for guests to become comfortable around the four corners of a room. A huge group won’t be a problem because they have a lot of good rooms for many people that provide quiet and peaceful nights, and energetic mornings and afternoons. Even if you’d only stayed for a night, you won’t forget how wonderful the entirety of Casablanca was.

Everyone at any age would also enjoy the pool at the hotel because it was clean, refreshing, and has the right temperature. You can even see the beautiful lightings around the pool at night, which made it more special. In addition, the bar located alongside the pool offers extensive choices of world-class cocktails and beers that can be to your likings.

You can also have Casablanca Hotel to be the place to spend the most joyous and the most important events in your life like a birthday party or even your wedding. The staff at the hotel will make sure that it would become a very special day in your life that happened at the perfect place. You can even let them organize other events as well or even meetings, Casablanca can be the ideal place for any occasions in your life.

You won’t regret coming to the place and will say that your money’s worth it. Get a great service at the right price at Casablanca Hotel and have a memorable trip to Subic Bay.

February 13, 2018
by @toniocorio3

Casablanca Hotel: Great value and great place to stay

In Subic Bay, it is easier to find a lot of hotels but it can be a challenge to discover those who can really meet your relaxation needs. You don’t need to spend a lot of time researching because one of the hotels that can be a great place to stay at Subic Bay is Casablanca Hotel.

You will feel utmost comfort and relaxation even in their standard rooms. They were indeed worth your money because every room was huge, has a good space, and equipped with the majority of things you needed to have a comfortable stay. Each member of the staff often receives good reviews for their friendliness, and overall good manners plus the guests often see each of them trying their best to help a guest in need.

The mini-bar at the center of the pool can attract many visitors for its unique structure, and of course, for its refreshing beverages. Casablanca Hotel is known for its clean and fresh air since the place is well-maintained and the foods offered at the restaurant suit the taste of most guests. It’s not surprising that previous guests’ reviews also include enjoying their food at Casablanca.

It is not far from the biggest mall in the area so you can also do a last-minute shopping with your family or friends if you wanted to. Moreover, Casablanca has a beautiful architecture, especially its famed ‘tower’ located alongside the pool wherein guests can’t help but to climb it and reach the top and see the awesome view from above.

You would love the idea of a band singing for you while you’re eating, right? Casablanca Hotel also has it. The hotel can be seen with colorful lights at night as well, so you won’t regret staying at the place even if you and your friends or family will stay for a few more days. You will definitely have a good time at this hotel, and if you’ll ever find yourself at Subic again, you would certainly stay at Casablanca Hotel.

February 8, 2018
by @toniocorio3

Casablanca Resort Subic Bay Zambales

Company Profile

To be recognized as leading Condominium and Hotel, Resort, Restaurant and Bar in Subic Economic Business Zone, with disciplined, happy and highly-skilled staff and crew, committed to give our customers the highest standard of Service.

About Us

Casablanca Development Inc. is a Condo-hotel, Resort, and Restaurant and Bar, situated in Economic Business Center in Subic Freeport Zone, a world-class cosmopolitan metropolis bursting with attractions, water sports, nightlife and shopping. Miles of sparkling shoreline, museums, parks, and a diversified line-up of restaurants awaits, along with a gleaming seaport boasting more passenger cruise activity than anywhere else in the country, a best and great place to put up business, where Casablanca Development Inc. is located.

Casablanca was formerly known as Race Rock Sports Bar, which offers scuba diving lesson and session, sea piper plane rental and Jet Ski rental service. The business was founded August 5, 2004.Casablanca is managed by its president, a Norwegian Citizen Mr. Gunnar Strand. Mr. Gunar, Mr. Strand has changed Race Rock Sports Bar’s line of business and turned it to Condominium, hotel, Resort, Bar and Restaurant business.

February 2, 2018
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