January 28, 2020

How to beat Velkhana in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is an action-based role-playing video game, which is created by Capcom. The Iceborne is the next part of the Monster Hunter: World series. There are many monsters to hunt in the game, and your avatar in the game has to do it. Velkhana is one of those monsters.

Velkhana is the main monster in the cold weathered arena in the Iceborne and an eye-catching creature with an icy and humongous body. It is too powerful as it has the ability to command the ice in such a way that no other creature in this game can. It has many options to kill you, such as the spiky tail, freezing breath (it can create a bundle over your head that will be able to crush you), icy blast (which can change the landscape itself). If you wish to clear the stage, then you have to kill this magnificent beast. Still, you will need a lot of preparation to beat this one.

Behavior of Velkhana

Velkhana has the ability to bend and control the ice crystal around it. Yet it takes a lot of amount of Power. The attacks used by him can be divided into forms: one is Normal, and the second is Powered-Up or Enraged form.

Its look can be deceiving, so be careful of that while you face it. Never underestimate its capabilities. It has a coating of icy armor with the spikes at the corners. After a little while, it took the dangerous form and started attacking fiercely. The moves of attacks can include the summoning of giant icy crystal from the air or use of its tail when it took a flight.

Tips and tricks to use against Velkhana

In the Iceborne storyline, you have to face this creature more than one time. So having effective tricks against it will help you greatly.

In the first encounter, it uses its pure normal form to fight. So this fight will be the easiest among all of the encounters. This fight can give you a general idea of how to fight with it, which will serve you in the near future. It also the ability to fly and perform an aerial attack. Apart from these, it has the ability to fire an icy beam, tail stabbing, spinning tail sweep with a large range. The time delay between the two consecutive attacks is very low. At starting, you will observe that the icy beam firing followed by tail stabbing is performed without any delay.

After fighting him in a normal form, you have to face it in the enraged form. Here, you don't have to kill this monster to clear the stage. You have to face this monster for a fixed time in the Powered-Up mode fight. After satisfying the requirements, it will not matter you kill him, or he does the same to you, you will find yourself at the next level. In this mode, it has all the high leveled skill sets, which include air flight and using icy breath against an opponent, which causes icy crystal all around the monster, icy crystal ball over you, and sweeping of frozen beam. So you have to dodge these attacks by getting behind some rock or move constantly. After all the dodging and dealing with some amount of damage, it is your end it. For that, you have to lock and load the gun and fire it to finish the fight.

But you will face it again in Hoarfrost Reach. It will be the deciding combat. Here, it has complete access to moves, and you have to beat it for real. You can take weapons from Elderseal, which will make this fight shorter than usual. There is a certainty that it will fight in the Enraged mode. This final arena is very small, where you have to fight it. You have to be attentive because it can create an AoE attack. Constant use of spells will make it tired. When it is in an exhausted condition, then you have to make sure that you have weapon and energy because this is the moment what all you are waiting for. Mainly use your blaster because it is vulnerable to the blast attacks.

To summarize the whole technique, you have to wait for the moment when it is in an exhausted condition because you can't face it when he has Power.

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