May 14, 2019

8 Charging Mistakes Killing your iPhone Battery

A smartphone can only be enjoyed when the battery capacity is enough to allow us to enjoy our daily phone activities. An iPhone is a device with excellent technology, design, and accessories like phone holster and cases but it still faces one problem that is common to most smartphones – battery discharging.

iPhone manufacturers promise a long battery life especially by using non-removable lithium-ion batteries in place of the cadmium ion batteries. However, users still complain about short battery life which they may be inadvertently causing because of the way they charge their device.

Charging Mistakes Killing your iPhone battery

This post will explain to you eight charging mistakes that have been killing your iPhone battery.

Charging your iPhone to 100% for a long time

You may feel like you’re doing the right thing by leaving your phone plugged in for an extended period. Some people leave their overnight and wake up with the enthusiasm of having 100% to start the new day with. However, you’re ruining the battery potential by overcharging it. Some experts say 50% – 80% is the optimum required by your phone.

Charging time will depend on the output of your battery. The higher the wattage the shorter the time to spend. It is important to know details to make sure you are not overcharging your phone.

Letting the phone battery run out completely

The lithium-ion battery in your iPhone was made to perform well at 30% – 80%. It gets volatile at 0%, and this causes the battery to wear out. You should avoid running it down regularly, but doing it once a month for calibration purposes is required to maintain battery’s optimal health.

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