8 Charging Mistakes Killing your iPhone Battery

A smartphone can only be enjoyed when the battery capacity is enough to allow us to enjoy our daily phone activities. An iPhone is a device with excellent technology, design, and accessories like phone holster and cases but it still faces one problem that is common to most smartphones – battery discharging.

iPhone manufacturers promise a long battery life especially by using non-removable lithium-ion batteries in place of the cadmium ion batteries. However, users still complain about short battery life which they may be inadvertently causing because of the way they charge their device.

Charging Mistakes Killing your iPhone battery

This post will explain to you eight charging mistakes that have been killing your iPhone battery.

Charging your iPhone to 100% for a long time

You may feel like you’re doing the right thing by leaving your phone plugged in for an extended period. Some people leave their overnight and wake up with the enthusiasm of having 100% to start the new day with. However, you’re ruining the battery potential by overcharging it. Some experts say 50% – 80% is the optimum required by your phone.

Charging time will depend on the output of your battery. The higher the wattage the shorter the time to spend. It is important to know details to make sure you are not overcharging your phone.

Letting the phone battery run out completely

The lithium-ion battery in your iPhone was made to perform well at 30% – 80%. It gets volatile at 0%, and this causes the battery to wear out. You should avoid running it down regularly, but doing it once a month for calibration purposes is required to maintain battery’s optimal health.

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May 14, 2019
by Unlimited Cellular, Inc.

Mobile Phone Screen Protector

In today's day in age, it seems that everyone has a cell phone. Whether it is for emergency purposes only or for multi-use, everyone is getting connected to family, friends by voice, text, email or any other online applications you can download. With so many of us relying on our phones on a day-to-day basis, it is of up most importance that we make sure nothing happens to them. They need to be protected.

There are so many places to look when finding the right protection for your phone. You can go to a mobile phone store or, as most of us do, we turn to the Internet to find the best cell phone cases, chargers, and so on. In your quest to find the right protection, or screen shield, for your phone, you will find so many choices. No matter if you have an Android, BlackBerry or iPhone, make sure the screen shield you are buying is made to fit your phone.

You will then be faced with which kind of screen guard you want; whether it be a housing accessory or a transparent film, you will have to decide which one best suites you. Make sure the screen guard you are looking for comes with a guarantee. If you are unhappy with it or something happened, you should get a new one or your money back. The majority of screen guards will not and when you have problems with it, you have to get another screen protector.

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May 13, 2019
by Unlimited Cellular, Inc.

Best iPhone Xs Max Cases in 2019

We all know how beautiful and classy it is to own an iPhone, let alone a very high end product like the iPhone Xs Max. This phone commands the biggest asking price ever in the history of iPhone and no iPhone lover would want such an expensive device to suffer defacement especially since it was designed mainly with glass laid over a Stainless Steel.

Which is why case makers have rolled out a wide range of cases and accessories to keep your phone looking sleek and safe. There are a wide variety of best cell phone case available in the stores, ranging from simple TPU gel cases to bulky rugged cases with full waterproofing. We will be looking at the best iPhone Xs Max cases that you can get readily at online stores like Unlimited Cellular. Whether your case acts as a protector or an cell phone accessories, you can trust our judgement.

About iPhone Xs Max Cases

You may be among the many people who like to customize their devices, for the beauty of it in addition to the protection it offers. The iPhone Xs Max cases are not designed only to meet your safety needs but to also give your phone the prestige and style it deserves.

With a device such as the iPhone Xs Max there is bound to be a lot of usage and this could cause wearing out of the surface, or a terrible fall could occur and the device sustains physical dents. Cases are made to protect the phone from these sort of occurrences thereby keeping it beautiful even after a long time of use.

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April 30, 2019
by Unlimited Cellular, Inc.

Essential Apple iPhone Accessories

After purchasing your iPhone, it has surely become an integral part of your life, which you could almost not live without. No doubt an expensive yet worthwhile purchase, you will surely want to make of the most of your device, whilst keeping it in tip top condition for as long as possible. With the help of the Apple iPhone accessories outlined below, this becomes entirely possible. Picking up knocks and bumps is unfortunately inevitable for a handset which will be as well used as this, but there are an abundance of Apple iPhone accessories like cell phone cases out there to keep it looking like new.

Screen Cover 

Your iPhone's sharp display is imperative to keep protected. These thin pieces of plastic stick to your screen without harming it, and guard your device from everyday bumps and bruises. This is particularly useful if your phone is carried in the same pocket as sharp objects such as keys or coins. A less well known, but still highly beneficial member of the Apple iPhone accessories range.

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April 22, 2019
by Unlimited Cellular, Inc.

Best Galaxy Tab Cases

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one stunning package. Well at least this holds till it start sporting dents and cracks on that perfect body. Which means you’d probably need to find ways of keeping it forever young.

So, whether it is protecting that beautiful device of yours or accessorizing it, we’ve got you covered. Here, we will be pointing out some of the best cases just for whichever model of Galaxy Tab you have. And readily available at online stores like Unlimited Cellular, they are just a click away.

About Galaxy Tab Cases

It’s possible that with time, you just get tired of that old plain case that came with your Galaxy Tab model and you just want something that works not only in the capacity of a bodyguard but could also denote style.

This is what exactly a cell phone case does. You see, as much as we like our phones to remain new, they don’t always stay so. In fact, they don’t always want to stay in our hands which is why we need a perfect bodyguard to cushion their fall and keep them looking so young.

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March 19, 2019
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Portable Battery Chargers - Uses And Benefits

To maintain your car battery in optimal condition, it is necessary to ensure that the electrolyte level of the battery is kept at an appropriate level; i.e. between the MIN and HIGH level markings on the battery casing. In the case of 'maintenance-free' batteries, regular checking and topping up of electrolyte is not necessary. Besides checking the electrolyte level, the battery also requires to be recharged on a regular basis. This is especially true if the car is minimally utilised, the battery does not get to be recharged through the car's built-in charging system. Hence, an external source, such as a portable battery charger or battery case like the frepower iphone 6 plus for your iPhone is required.

Besides the use of electrical power from batteries to start our car's engine, electricity is also required to power our mobile phones, laptops, etc. I believe many of us have been also caught in a situation where we need to utilize the mobile phone or laptop, but the battery ran flat. A frustrating situation, especially when you are outdoors, you cannot plug your equipment into any electrical power source to recharge it.

Fortunately, through the marvel of technology, portable battery chargers, and/or jump starters are readily available in the market today to take care of such situations.A wide range of products is available to suit every budget.

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March 11, 2019
by Unlimited Cellular, Inc.
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