January 9, 2021


MIT Touch Lab study found that averages for finger pads are between 10–14mm and fingertips are 8–10mm, making 10mm x 10mm a good minimum touch target size.

Same example as above but without proper text labels. Feel the difference?


In dialogs (to unify the button action with the dialog content):

  • Use a verb whenever possible instead of ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ because your buttons will make sense out of context with the explanatory text or title.

You should provide a single and obvious confirmation action the user can take without the disrupting concern for accessibility, cultural bias and decision confusion which can come from splitting the options by color alone.

However, you should design a fundamentally different mechanism for critical operations with a valuable user data. Instead of using an action button that users could accidentally press, you should provide a text field and request to type the word “delete” to confirm the operation.

Despite - несмотря на, corresponding - соответствующий, Ensure - обеспечивать, appropriate - соответствующий, ubiquitous - повсеместный, prevents - препятствует, dismissive - пренебрежительный,