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The Evolution of View Linking in Android

In this lesson, we will discuss Evolution of View Linking in Android

iOS - SQLite Database

SQLite can be used in iOS for handling data. It uses sqlite queries, which makes it easier for those who know SQL.

Using multiple Layouts and Views to design a GUI

Hierarchical Arrangement using multiple layout and view in Android

As we have studied about different Views, ViewGroups and Layouts in the previous tutorials, now it's time to study how to use all of them together in our android project to design great user interfaces. In this tutorial, we will learn how we can put different layouts, views and viewgroups inside another layout(hierarchical arrangement) to design the perfect GUI for your android application.

What is Intent? What are the uses of intents in android?

Have you ever wondered how a new Activity opens when we click on some button, suppose the settings button to show the Settings screen in any app? How does the app opens up when we click on its notification? How do we get Low battery alert in our mobile? All these things are possible because of Intent in Android.

Installation – iOS Tutorial

As part of the iOS tutorial you will learn about iOS installation, tools needed for building an app, registering an Apple developer account, iOS Xcode installation, benefits of Xcode, iOS simulator, iOS SDK and more.

iOS UI Segmented Controls

Here we will learn iOS UI segmented control in swift with example and how to use iOS UI Segmented control to show multiple segments in swift using Xcode editor.

IBM Cognos Framework Manager

IBM Cognos Framework Manager is one of the most important component of IBM Cognos BI Tool.I referred a lot for making this post.Hoping that this post will give you valuable information about Cognos Framework Manager.
IBM Cognos Framework Manager is the IBM Cognos BI modeling tool for creating and managing business related metadata for use in IBM Cognos BI analysis and reporting.IBM Cognos Framework Manager is the metadata model development environment for IBM Cognos BI.

Memory leaks prevention using an autoreleasepool in ios unit tests

In this lesson, we will discuss Memory leaks prevention using an autoreleasepool in unit tests

Bringing modern storage to Viber’s users

This blogpost is a collaboration between Google and Viber. Authored by Kseniia Shumelchyk from Google and Anton Novikov, Sergey Kozlov from Viber.

Yarn and Hadoop Ecosystem

YARN and the Hadoop EcosystemThe new Apache Hadoop YARN resource manager is introduced in this chapter. In addition to allowing non-MapReduce tasks to work within a Hadoop installation, YARN provides several other advantages over the previous version of Hadoop including better scalability, cluster utilization, and user agility.YARN also brings with it several new services that separate it from the standard Hadoop MapReduce model. A new ResourceManger acting as a pure resource scheduler is the sole arbitrator of cluster resources. User applications, including MapReduce jobs, ask for specific resource requests via the new ApplicationMaster component, which in in-turn negotiates with the ResourceManager to create an application container within the cluster.By incorporating MapReduce as a YARN framework, YARN also provides full backward compatible with existing MapReduce tasks and applications.