May 16, 2022



  • Creating a traffic system that will bring in property purchase applications from $130,000 to $1,600,000


The whole process can be divided into 4 parts:

  • Target audience analysis and compilation of offers based on our unique positioning

To begin with, I'll describe how to conduct audience analysis using Google & Facebook analytics services to identify which segments you need to work with.

The target audience segment is divided into:
1. Gender, age, income, etc
2. Pains, needs, fears, objections, wishes.

At this stage you'll define what problems our potential client has right now and how to solve them in the right way.

Based on the findings, you'll analyse the popular pains and problems of each segment and provide a solution whose value outweighs the rest of the competitors' offerings.

Then you can create a strong selling proposition and shape the offers.

  • Competitor analysis

II'll describe how to conduct a detailed marketing analysis with a market cut of 5-8 competitors.

Having data on advertising materials, offers, visits, audience, their interests, you automatically have an advantage in preparing for the launch of an advertising campaign. Thus, you immediately discard non-working bundles and do not spend the budget on them -> 10-25% savings.

  • Advertising strategies

We need to get two types of traffic, hot and cold.

Hot traffic - those people who are already need a visa.

Cold traffic - those people who don't need visa right now, but in 1-3 they may be interested.

We will use 3 advertising strategies for this: lead generation and traffic to the survey site.

In the first case, the traffic will go to an application collection form so that potential clients will directly leave an application for the type of visa they are interested in

In the second case, we will invite clients to answer introductory questions to select a visa according to their criteria.

This will involve a website questionnaire where potential clients will answer questions: what kind of visa they need, for how long, etc.

At the end we give a special offer/hide depending on the answers and ask for contact details.

That way we get their contact (phone number) and then you sell directly, knowing exactly what the lead wants.

In the third case, you'll run traffic directly to WhatsApp from Facebook & Instagram, where you can sell directly and warm up to buying

  • Scaling up and improving customer flow to an off-the-shelf system consisting of points 1, 2, 3 and fulfilment of the sales plan

As soon as you receive the highest quality leads, you move on to the stage of increasing the budget and capturing the necessary part of the auction without overpaying for traffic.

Also at this stage, you'll connect retargeting to catch up with those who were interested in visa, but for some reason did not leave an application. To do this, you will need to develop with an emphasis on urgency and the limitedness in order to speed up the decision-making process.