The first drop of the BEYOND THE WALL collection

Let's talk in detail about the first drop of the BTW collection.

drop 1

Let's start with a BEACH t-shirt with a portal to the island paradise and the words "Beyond the wall". This is both a reference to Banksy's work and a visualization of the desire to escape from post-covid reality. We took a photograph of the beach from the Internet, the portal and font are made by our designer TYPECRIPS.

BEACH t-shirt

FLOWERS t-shirt with a variation of the BTW collection logo is a work by TYPECRIPS and Vasilii Volchok-Rusakovich.

FLOWERS t-shirt

FIGHT t-shirt and hoodie is a collaboration with artist Nikita Shork from Rostov-on-Don. Initially, the painting FIGHT was purchased for a personal collection, but in the process of working on BTW collection it became clear that without it it would be incomplete. FIGHT jumper will be released in the third drop.

Another collaboration is the one with artist Tairi. The trench coats were hand-painted and produced in a limited edition of 40 pieces, each with a unique pattern.

The graffiti knitted on the jumper is from Tairi's personal archive. This jumper has already become the best-seller of the collection. Also on the hoodie Tairi drew a story for us about the "ouroboros" wall with endless creation and destruction.

First drop accessories with designs by TYPECRIPS. Socks, belts and even a towel.

CITIZEN OF THE WORLD pendant for those who dream of a life without geographical boundaries, of freedom and independence.


Sticker pack with six stickers. BEACH, FIGHT, VOLCHOK on holographic membrane and three stickers from artists whose works you will see in the next drops: Dasha Skotina's CREATURE, BDSM by tattoo artist Shia and WALL by tattoo artist Novocainerascal.

Sticker pack