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VOLCHOK Heroes: Bharatadanu

Our new hero – Bharata Danu, a graphic designer and illustrator from Indonesia but we would better call him a multimedia artist who works in a wide range of fields and directions. In his graphics he combines filigree style of engraving with raw aesthetics of punk, occult symbolism and geometry. He also runs his own clothing brand and plays music in two experimental punk bands. In a small interview Bharata talked about his background, favorite sides of the creative process, working with musicians and his own music projects, and he also shared a lot of sources of inspiration.

The first drop of the BEYOND THE WALL collection

Let's talk in detail about the first drop of the BTW collection.

SEEK Berlin Diary

Seek is a trade show, a specialized exhibition in which brands demonstrate their products. We’ve participated in it for the first time and now want to tell how it was.

Highlights of 2019

It’s time to sum up this year. It was full of events. Have you missed something? Let’s recall and put everything in order.

ANTIDOTO28 in Moscow

Last year we traveled to Barcelona to get acquainted with Carlos Canillas from ANTIDOTO28 - the brand and store where we have a corner. This summer Carlos and Flora Cosmica (the creator of her own brand of clothing and accessories COSMIC WARRIOR) came to Moscow to present a new collection and have a party in the yard of VOLCHOK: Moscow with us.

VOLCHOK Heroes: Bogdan Shirokov


Interview with Dmitriy Koloskow

Dmitriy Koloskow — Ukrainian painter and graffiti artist. For our CRASH TEST collection he made a painting the fragments of which were used in prints. For example, the red demon which became a symbol of the collection is his creation. Our art director Masha talked to Dmitriy about his art.