About me

Folks, in addition to the press, approach the assessment of society in terms of image. With the support of image, a person shows what place in society he gives to himself. It reveals he is and just how to treat him and what to anticipate. Seeing the daily style on the chief, you envision someone focused on imagination. And when a supervisor constantly wears a rigorous suit and demands the same from different employees, everyone unwittingly expects from him rigor and clear directions and activities. This doesn't imply that one is bad and the other isn't. However, it somehow determines the opinion of a professional. We PR men all need to get in contact with the right individuals one way or the other, based upon the specific space where the individual works.

If it is necessary to put a business and serious person, whose picture is controlled and preserved strictly, it would be strange to dress in a sports match for a business meeting and wait for you to be taken seriously. People of PR read clients' expectations and know precisely how to introduce themselves for this or that impression. I work for a fashion magazine. We often need to deal with actors, influencers and other"high society" people. And based on my observations, they really appreciate the visual appeal of the opponent in a conversation and how he stays on. A small detail in appearance can push off the individual we are in need of, as we won't be on his wave. This summer, I often needed to arrange meetings in the day and in the open area.

Formerly, I'd buy very ordinary sunglasses, but I actually wanted to buy Dior eyeglasses from the restricted assortment. I've been looking for appropriate ones for a long long time, however I discovered them in https://ohmyglasses.com.ua/ and I'm extremely happy. It's a little thing, but I feel much more confident.Hi, my name is Victoria. I'm 32 years old. After graduating from the Kyiv National University of Arts and Culture, I have been operating for several years as a PR director. I began my career with numerous internships in mathematics. And then I understood that I'd like to do exactly PR.