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From fool to cool: story of one and only Russian TI winner

The International 2011 was a key moment in the development of esports. It became the impetus that the industry needed to reach a new level.

Management with chaos: from esportsman to CEO

At the tail end of the 2000s, Alexey xaoc (chaos – WJ) Kucherov was a professional Counter-Strike athlete. Today, he is a COO of the Danish organization Heroic. In between, he worked as an investor, later becoming the CEO of HellRaisers. Wallhack Journal talked to him about his career, the intricacies of management work and some other topics.

Steve Arhancet: The Little Engine That Could

Steve Arhancet, a co-CEO of Team Liquid, is one of few hardcore gamers who managed to balance out their passion for gaming and real life, and stay extremely successful at both. At one point during the interview I caught myself thinking how much Arhancet resembles Steve Jobs. The famous “think different“ campaign, used by Apple and birthed by Jobs, defined the dreamy mindset of a leader poised to change the world. In a similar way how Jobs reinvented the world of technology with groundbreaking products, Arhancet’s personal ”think big“ ethos is elevating esports to a whole new level. This is his story.

Back in Black^

Meet Dominik “Black^“ Reitmeier ― one of the world’s most underestimated players today. Not only can he play a decent carry, being familiar with both European and Chinese Dota play styles, he can also bring a lot of expertise to the team. The only player to have played in Asian teams for a lengthy period of time, successfully most of the time.

Beacon of hope: Mighty Mouse to bridge MMA and esports

ONE Championship is set to make the largest esports Championship in Asia. We talked to its ambassadorDemetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson about the goals of ONE as well as his views on esports and gaming in general.