June 8, 2021

Lesson 4.Quantifiers.

Reading and discussing


A businessman had an ingenious idea to help hungry people. Hoang Tuan Anh designed a "free-rice ATM". He installed them in cities across Vietnam. Mr Anh worried about the growing number of hungry people...



Task 1.

Task 2.

  1. The new worker is very lazy. She does ____ work.
  2. In this region there are ____ restaurants. People can`t find any one easily.
  3. We've got ____ money. It's enough to live with dignity.
  4. I`ve got ____ free time. My job is too stressful.
  5. Yesterday I went to the theatre with ____ friends.
  6. He`s hungry because he has very ____ money.
  7. She speaks English very well. She has ____ mistakes.
  8. There are ____ guests in the hotel. It`s almost empty.

Task 3.


Task 1.