August 7, 2020

Lesson 3. Present Continuous.




Task 1. Put the verbs in the brackets into the form of Present Continuous

  1. My sister (to clean) the bathroom.
  2. Look! They (to go) inside.
  3. I (to wait) in the car now.
  4. Mrs Miller (to listen) to CDs.
  5. We (to speak) English at the moment.

Task 2.Rewrite the sentences using the negative forms.

  1. We are playing a game.
  2. I'm drawing a picture.
  3. He is making pizza right now.
  4. Susan and her brother are taking photos.
  5. Dad is working in the kitchen.

Task 3. Make up questions using the words below.(Present Continuous form)

  1. Robin / to ride / his bike -
  2. where / she / to go -
  3. what / your mother / to do / now -


What are you talking about?

Jane and Laura are walking to the mall. They want to buy new clothes. Jane has some money and Laura has some money.

Suddenly, Jane is calling: "Laura! Laura! Look at that dress! Isn't it beautiful? I want that dress, but I don't have enough money."

Laura is calling: "What are you talking about? This is an ugly dress! It is just horrible! I don't even want to see this dress."

"Ok, ok…" Jane is whispering sadly.

Suddenly Laura is calling: "Oh my god! Look at this dress! It is beautiful! I want this dress. Oh, but look at the price. It is too expensive for me."

Now Jane is calling: "What are you talking about? This is an ugly dress! It is really horrible! I don't even want to see it."

"Ok, ok…" Laura is whispering sadly.

Now Jane is sad, and Laura is sad. They are walking home. They have no new clothes, but they know that next time they should respect other opinions…

New words :

mall - торговый центр

horrible - ужасный

to whisper - шептать

expensive - дорогой

price - цена

to respect - уважать


  1. Do you like shopping? For what kinds of things?
  2. Do you often go shopping?
  3. Do you like shopping alone or with your friends/parents?
  4. Do you always respect other opinions?
  5. Is it easy for you to make a choice when shopping?
  6. Do you follow fashion rules?
  7. Do you think fashion is important? Why?


Task 1. Complete the sentences with verbs in Present Continuous. (positive, interrogative forms)

  1. You (use) my mobile phone!
  2. My dad (wash) his car.
  3. It(not rain) today.
  4. Who(she / chat) to now?
  5. What(you / do) at the moment?
  6. We(sit) on the train.
  7. The students(have) lunch in the canteen.
  8. 'Are you making dinner?' 'Yes, I (be)'

Task 2.Complete the sentences with verbs in Present Continuous (negative, interrogative forms)

  1. The teacher (not/to close) the door.
  2. (to do) you the washing-up?
  3. They (to check) the printers.
  4. your grandmother (to look) at birds?
  5. We (not/to pass) the checkpoint.
  6. they (to try) to help?
  7. She (not/to walk)to the centre of the town.
  8. the policemen (to run) into the bank?
  9. Look! Steve's mother (to make) a Frappuccino.
  10. You (not/to link) the words correctly.

Task 3.