June 11, 2021

Lesson 102. Country study. Great Britain. Part II



Total overview

Rose - роза

Daffodil - нарцисс

Thistle - чертополох

Shamrock - клевер

Extra facts


  1. The Union Jack is …
    1. the flag of the UK
    2. the flag of the USA
  2. English is spoken …
    1. all over Britain
    2. only in England
  3. The UK is the official name of the country situated …
    1. on the island which is called Great Britain
    2. on the British Isles

4. Edinburgh is the capital of …

    1. Wales
    2. Scotland

5. The independent Irish Republic is situated …

    1. in Northern Ireland
    2. on the smaller of the two biggest islands of the British Isles

6. Great Britain and Ireland are separated by …

    1. the North Sea
    2. the Irish Sea

7. The nearest point to Europe is …

    1. the Strait of Dover
    2. Dover

8.The UK is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in …

    1. the north
    2. the west

Reading and discussing

Elizabeth II is 95!





Words missed in Facts and Figures:

queen kingdom pound sterling prime minister