July 29, 2020

Lesson 5. Modals of deduction. The Present and The Past.

Task 1. Insert the modal verbs correctly.

1. Your mother ... be a great cook. You are always so keen to get back home to eat!

2. I don't know why I am so tired these days. I ... be working too hard. Or maybe I am not sleeping too well.

3. Do you know where Carl is? He ... be out - his car keys are on the table.

4. You seem to know everything about the theatre. You ... go every week.

5. To give the promotion to Harold was silly. He ... know much about this company after only a year working here.

6. Go and look in the kitchen for your gloves. They ... be in there.

7. Oh, the phone is ringing. Answer it. It ... be Kate. She always rings at this time.

8. Dan has been drinking that whiskey since early this afternoon. He ... be totally drunk by now.

9. That couple ... think much of this film. They're leaving already - after only 20 minutes!

10. That's the second new car they have bought this year. They ... be very rich!

Task 2.

Task 3.



Task 1.

  1. Sarah never stops talking about Steve. She ... be in love with him!
  2. You ... hate English food - it's delicious!
  3. Tom ... be working today - I just saw him at the gym.
  4. Tom ... be working today, but I can't remember.
  5. You drank 3 bottles of wine? You ... feel so sick!
  6. Yuki's quite good at grammar. She ... know the answer to this question.
  7. You studied this for 3 years at university! You ... know the answer!
  8. You just slept for 12 hours! You ... be tired again already!
  9. She always gets me a present, but this year she didn't. She ... have forgotten that it's my birthday.

Task 2.

Choose the best words to complete these sentences. Decide if it is a present state (simple), an action in progress (continuous) or finished (perfect).

  1. The boys look so sad. They must ...lose /be losing /have lost the football match yesterday.
  2. The music next door is so loud! They must ...have/ be having/ have had a party.
  3. She just said she didn't want any wine. She must ...be/ be being /have been pregnant.
  4. His bedroom light is still on. He might ...read/be reading /have read a book.
  5. Andrew's good friends with Gemma. He might ...know/ be knowing /have known her phone number.
  6. Why did you tell him the truth? You must ...know/ be knowing /have known that he didn't want to hear it.
  7. Dave's got a new car. He must ...have /be having /have had a pay rise at work.
  8. That girl looks bored. She might ...wait/ be waiting /have waited for someone.