September 27, 2021

Meet & Greet

Let`s introduce ourselves

Hello! My name is Susan and I live in Hudson, Wisconsin, USA. Hudson is much smaller than Moscow, but it is a nice town to live in. I go to the Hudson Middle School. I am twelve years old and will be thirteen on July, 8th. My favourite subjects are English, History, and German. I love to roller-skate, ski, and talk to my friends about school. I don't have any hobbies, but I like to watch TV as much as possible. At school, we learn Maths, Science, History, Spanish, German, English, Computers, Woodwork, and Home Economics.

Susan,12, USA.


Present Simple

Task 1. Complete the sentences with verbs in Present Continuous. (positive, interrogative forms)

  1. You (use) my mobile phone!
  2. My dad (wash) his car.
  3. It(not rain) today.
  4. Who(she / chat) to now?
  5. What(you / do) at the moment?
  6. We(sit) on the train.
  7. The students(have) lunch in the canteen.
  8. 'Are you making dinner?' 'Yes, I (be)'

Task 2. Fill in the right form - Present Simple/Present Continuous

Task 3.


  1. Where do the monsters work?
  2. What job would you like to take?
  3. Do you think working in the office or company is boring?
  4. What jobs do your parents have?
  5. Would you like to be a business lady and to own a company? Why?
  6. What great companies do you know?


Task 1.

Task 2. Complete the sentences putting the verbs in the brackets into the correct form of Present Simple Tense.