August 19, 2020

Lesson 19. Revision. Miscellaneous.

Watching and discussing

  1. What`s your sign?
  2. Do you believe in horoscopes?
  3. Do you ever read your horoscope?
  4. What would you like the stars to hold for you?
  5. Do you think astrology can be useful?
  6. Do you think anyone can prove that astrology works?
  7. Would you like to learn astrology?
  8. What`s the difference between the Chinese and Western zodiac?
  9. What signs of Western zodiac do you know?
  10. Why did people create horoscopes?

And now, let`s talk serious..

Reading and reviewing

Once upon a time, the Sun and Moon (be) great friends. There (be) no night because they (be) always together. Children (play) the whole day, without feeling sleepy. No one in the world (know) anything about beds or sleeping.

One day, as they (fly) together, they (see) the Ocean. She (be) the most beautiful thing that they have ever seen. The Ocean (enjoy) the Sun’s warmth, and Moon’s decorated face. She (love) the Moon more than the Sun. Whenever her eyes (gaze) upon the Moon, she (create) waves and tides in excitement. This (make)the Sun very jealous.

One afternoon, as the Ocean (sleep), the Sun (do) something terrible. He slowly (lift) the Moon, and (throw) him against the wall of the sky! Instead of breaking like glass, the Moon (create) millions of sparks. He (call) the sparks “stars.” The Stars (know) what the Sun had done to the Moon. Angry at the Sun, they (form) an army and (attack) him! Before they could attack the Sun, the Ocean (stop) them with a question. “Where are you going little stars?” she (ask) the Stars. “We (come) to destroy the Sun!” they (reply). The Moon (do not) want either the Sun or Moon to be hurt or destroyed in a fight. She (love) both of them. This (make) her think of a plan fast.

“I have an idea!” she (tell) the Stars. The Moon (call) both the Moon and Sun. She (tell) them to share their time with her. The Sun would visit her in the day, and the Moon at night. Both of them (be) very happy with the idea! This (make) the Ocean happy too! The Stars (follow) the Moon everyday, to protect him from the Sun. From that day onwards, people (see) the Sun in the day and the Moon at night.


Task 1.

Task 2. Choose the correct tense and fill in the gaps.