September 16, 2020

Lesson 31. Modal verbs. Part II


Imagine, you are a translator...

  1. Linda might come to the party tonight.
  2. Farmers have to work all the year round.
  3. You must not make noise in hospital.
  4. May I switch on the light?
  5. Could I look at your passport?
  6. My wife can cook quite well.
  7. We were able to catch the last train.
  8. You should not wear jeans to school.
  9. Robert ought to help his grandma tonight.
  10. We shall find a better job.
  11. You shouldn’t eat too much salt and sugar.
  12. Do I have to get a visa to Turkey?
  13. He needs to improve his manners.
  14. You needn’t complain.
  15. I used to play tennis when I was a child. Now I don`t play tennis at all.
  16. Would you like one more cup of coffee?
  17. I am to finish my work by Sunday.
  18. He is to clean the house.
  19. Can you dance well?
  20. - Where is Susan? -She might be in the garden, I don`t know.
  21. You are not allowed to smoke there.

Watching and discussing

  1. Did you know animals have their own language?
  2. Can you understand animal language?
  3. Can animals understand human language?
  4. What rights do animals have?
  5. Should we all be vegetarian and not kill animals for food?
  6. Is keeping a pet going against animal rights?
  7. Would you join an animal rights group?


Task 1. a) Choose the correct option b) Translate the sentences below.

1. You … (don’t have to/must not) go to school if you have a high temperature.

2. The exam is next week. So you … (must/can) study hard.

3. I will cook everything for the party, so you … (don’t have to/mustn’t) bring any food.

4. He needs more exercise, he … (should/can) go to a gym.

5. Women … (are allowed to/have to) cover their heads in a church.

6. I … (can’t/can) speak Italian very well because I didn’t learn it at school.

7. We … (could/couldn’t) sleep last night because of the storm.

8. Sam … (must/had to) leave the party early because his wife disappeared.

9. If you train more you … (could/will be able to) run faster.

10. I was … (ought to/able to) buy a dishwasher with my credit card.

11. You … (ought/can) to apologize.

12. We … (needn’t/mustn’t) book a room in advance. They always have some vacant rooms.

13. Your hair looks awful. You … (can/should) get it cut.

14. I am exhausted. I … (am able to/need to) get some rest.

15. When they were rich they were … (able to/allowed to) travel abroad every month.

Task 2. Watch the video about how different animals see the world and try to answer the question: what animal has the best eyesight?

Some Hints