September 23, 2020

Volvo S60

The 2019 Volvo cars---Volvo S60 can be regarded as the four-door touring car version of Volvo V60, which is also based on Volvo’s newly developed SPA modular architecture. In appearance, the new generation of S60 continues to adopt the never-ending Volvo family design Thor Hammer design, but Volvo still adopts a different design style on the 2019 S60. Although it is similar in appearance to the S90, The overall style is relatively tough. At the same time, in order to comply with current trends, the C-pillar of the 2019 S60 also adopts a streamlined design. As for the design of the taillights, the 2019 S60 also continues to adopt the same design as the S90.

The original factory also has a version of 2019 S60 T8 Twin Engine to choose from. This version is replaced with a higher output electric motor, so the maximum horsepower is increased to the point of 400 hp. If you still feel that it is not enough, it does not matter, so in the end, There is a version of 2019 S60 T8 Twin Engine Polestar. This version of the ECU is tuned by Volvo’s sports department Polestar. The maximum horsepower has risen to 415 hp and the peak torque is 670 Nm. It is a little bit farther from the BMW M3, but this distance is almost the same. In addition, the 2019 S60 The T6 Twin Engine Polestar is not just to improve the engine data, they also strengthen the suspension, brakes, etc. of the S60, but the production quantity of this version is very limited, I believe the chance of coming to our country is not very high.

In terms of engine, the 2019 S60 continues the decision not to continue to use diesel engines on the V60, so it has only gasoline engines to choose from, and the most entry-level model is T5. In the T5 version of the 2019 S60, the maximum horsepower is 250 hp, and the transmission system is front-wheel transmission. In the T6, the maximum horsepower is increased to 315 hp because of the dual supercharge (turbo + mechanical) relationship, and it has all-wheel transmission ( But it must be optional). In addition, Volvo also provides T6 Twin Engine for consumers to choose. On the premise of maintaining dual supercharged engines, Volvo adds a plug-in hybrid configuration to the 2019 S60 T6 Twin Engine, so the maximum horsepower performance is improved. To an astonishing 340 hp.

Compared with the external design, the interior design is not a big surprise. The interior design of the 2019 S60 is almost exactly the same as the new generation of V60, but it is understandable as a brother car, but it will inevitably make consumers feel a little aesthetic fatigue after a long time. But what I want to praise is that the interior design of the 2019 S60 is also very textured. In the center console, a large number of physical buttons are also omitted and replaced with a large-size touch screen screen. Naturally, the instrument continues to use full The digital design, it is worth mentioning that the interior materials of 2019 S60 are all real materials, including real wood, metal veneers and leather, highlighting the luxurious style that a luxury brand must have.