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Toyota Hilux: cars for farmers' fields, schools and the survival of the end of the world

As we all know, Hilux is indestructible. It was smashed by a smashed ball, ignited, hit a tree directly, and was still open. It has been at the mercy of the tide, completely submerged, and then opened. It was placed on top of a demolished tower, and when the debris was removed, it was opened. All of these things happened in the same car.

Proton X50 "Bumblebee" - internal and external modification value over 50000 ringgits

Proton X50 "Bumblebee" has been on the market. Many would-be owners are still anxiously looking forward to a call from a sales consultant, but for others, the refitting boom has begun. One of them is going crazy on social media. You're right. Meet Bumblebee.

An overview of 2021 Lamborghini aventador

In a world highly dependent on technology, the 2021 Lamborghini Aventador looks at things in a more nostalgic way. Big Lambert is a triumphant tribute to the old supercar, with its gorgeous appearance and powerful V-12. The 730 horsepower 6.5-liter engine behind the driver is naturally aspirated and crowd pleasing, but aventador's automatic manual transmission can be clumsy in traffic. The Italian convertible and the Italian convertible are both very difficult to remove. Despite its large waistline, aventador is surprisingly sporty. SVJ model after track adjustment makes carving Canyon road or recording single lap time more exciting. The Aventador 2021 is very expensive, far from subtle, but it's a brilliant gift to the dying out old...

What do you know about Ford Ranger XLS

The XLS variant Ranger may be the entry-level model of 12 variant series of Ford brand pickup truck, but this is not to say that it is naked, lifeless and weak.

What do you know about 2021 Mazda 3?

Overview of Mazda 3

2021 Honda City hatchback was exposed as a regional fit / Jazz replacement model

It's much bigger than the fitted version and won't collide with the Civic hatchback.

Malaysian car brands need to stop offering damaged safety equipment on cheaper models

In the past decade or so, Malaysian car buyers have made great progress. From focusing only on appearance, performance and space, we now have a very demanding consumer group who ask more relevant questions about safety features (for example, how many airbags does it have? Does it have electronic stability control? Active safety function and collision safety level.

Competition between the Rush and the Avanza

No matter how different the classification of Toyota Rush and Toyota Avanza, the two models will always be in the lead because of the parts and services they share.

The latest Nissan Navara glider looks more masculine

Jakarta - Nissan launched a modified Nissan Navara double cabin pickup for its third generation. Nissan Navara now looks more macho.

New Toyota Innova facelift informal order RS 1L - What should you know?

Toyota Innova crystal's facelift update will be limited to cosmetics, as the engine was updated to BS6 earlier this year