Toyota Granvia

A few days ago, Toyota Granvia officially debuted in the Taiwan market, and announced that its pre-order unit price starts at 1,749,000 yuan (about RM232k). Based on the chassis structure of the new generation Toyota Hiace car series, Granvia is an MPV offering 6-seater and 9-seater models with more luxurious configuration and interior design.
Immediately after its debut in the Taiwan market, Toyota will also launch a new Granvia in Australia at the end of 2019 to replace the Tarago car series (ie Previa/Estima) sold locally.
The new Granvia is designed with calm horizontal elements throughout the car. The large water tank cover and the lower air intake dam are supplemented by horizontal chrome-plated trims, and the LED Bi-Beam headlights are full of technology. The characteristic line of the car side and the chrome-plated trim strip below the car continue the horizontal design of the front, and the large-size 17-inch aluminum alloy wheel embellishment makes the center of gravity of the car more stable. The rear styling echoes the design of the front and side of the car, with horizontal chrome trim strips extending to the double L-shaped LED taillights, showing the atmosphere of a new generation of business travel.
In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 1GD 2.8L diesel turbocharged engine, which provides 177PS of maximum horsepower and 450Nm of peak torque. It can be easily driven regardless of airport transfers, urban connections or mountain tours.
The new-generation Granvia has the smallest turning radius (5.5m) of its class, which is in line with the generally narrow space characteristics of urban roads and parking spaces. The whole car series is matched with the world-leading Japanese Aisin 6-speed manual automatic transmission, shifting smoothly and maintaining the high quality imported from Japan.
In addition, considering the driver's risk of long-term fatigue driving, the top version and above are equipped with a DRCC radar-sensing distance maintenance system and an LDA lane deviation warning system to reduce the burden of driving for a long time.
In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for high-quality travel, all cars are standard equipped with Captain luxury leather seats in the first and second rows of the rear seats. The independent seats and armrests allow passengers to have their own personal seating space, giving them a comfortable and comfortable home. A sense of safety reduces the burden and fatigue of long-term rides. The four-link suspension setting of the front Macpherson and the rear can effectively reduce the vibration from the road surface and bring a comfortable riding experience to the rear passengers.
All vehicles are equipped with 3 SRS auxiliary airbags, VSC vehicle stability control system, TRC anti-skid control system, BAS brake assist system, HAC uphill start assist system, ABS anti-lock braking system; the top version and above are equipped with 9 SRS Auxiliary airbags, Toyota Safety Sense (including PCS early warning protection system, DRCC radar-sensing distance maintaining constant speed system, LDA lane deviation warning system, AHB intelligent high beam automatic switching system).