Volkswagen Passat in Malaysia

In our country, the RV market has always had a fixed market due to its professional business image, while Volkswagen Passat from Germany stands out in the D-segment nearly occupied by Japanese brands. After small change money, this German series rV becomes more mature.
The Passat Elegance, a small Elegance model still sold with local Elegance in CKD, has kept its price tag below RM190,000 and similar Japanese rivals such as the Toyota Camry and The Mazda 6 imported as CBU have suddenly become more competitive in price. But this time the plant has opted to scale down the Passat from its three previous models to one model. Today's test driver, the Passat Elegance, is believed to be doing it so as to better distance the Passat from the Arteon.
In shape, as bend model of Passat Elegance is still maintain that, before the taste very heavy inside collect and design, but in some details still import some new elements, in the face before we can see the redesigned bumper, and after the cutbacks in a horizontal bar more atmospheric chrome trim tank cover, but the most beautiful or pretty head chy-tech, because in addition to the import is referred to as IQ Light Matrix LED's latest initiative to follow the headlight, The redesigned LED daily light also has a beautiful flow direction light, which has a very visual effect.
As to the rear of the part is also a small change, and imported the similar Arteon Passat word mark, is the latest design elements of family, but small make up a favorite new LED taillights vertical group design, internal design of water chestnut is greatly improves the visual sense, night recognition degree is high, and these small changes also successfully let Passat B8 that slightly dull cheap before the rear of the graceful.
Assembly parts, Passat B8 it already very the design of the science and technology in the bend of Passat again to obtain optimized Elegance, in addition to change as well as overseas edition adopted silver decorations outside the design of the instrument panel, Volkswagen Malaysia this time finally to import overseas version of the article with the atmosphere of light design, the atmosphere of the light is 30 different kinds of color can be changed, in this pretend bility to double B.
In addition, tweaking the Passat also imported the new design of a 11.7 -inch LCD panel, and can switch to the six different interface, and the latest Discovery Pro the multimedia information entertainment systems, the host screen also further upgraded to 9.2 inches, and it be back support gesture and wireless Apple CarPlay mobile interconnection function, the convenience of driving points again. In addition to being exquisitely built, the Passat's interior is essentially vW-style, with good assembly quality and feel/touch.
The cars in the internal space on a performance to a Japanese rivals at the impression to the person, but the Passat Elegance will definitely let you change, because both the head and leg space its performance didn't lose the Camry and Accord at the same level, and its seat completely is a typical European design, under the high quality leather, sit up very comfortable also provide adequate supportive, it is a very important for long-distance driving; If you do, the arched middle aisle in the back seat may make the legs of middle passengers uncomfortable.
In addition to the appearance and inner is equipped with upgrade, Passat Elegance in safety equipments and updated, among them in terms of advanced active safety features, original this time will be before the top version of the Passat lane deviation correction and automatic parking function to take off, and with car side blind spot detection, reversing the rear lateral to vehicle detection and tire pressure detection system to replace, in fact, such an arrangement is more appropriate for small make up, because than the driveway offset correction, car side blind spot detection and reverse horizontal to detect it more practical, more accord with our country's road driving, But it would be nice if the original factory could add automatic emergency brakes and active cruise control.
In dynamic configuration section, after the cut into a single model, Passat Elegance is the third generation EA888 to carry this time, is familiar with the 2.0 L TSI turbine turbocharged engine, this engine belongs to low power version, however, it has a maximum power of 190 PS, peak torque of 320 Nm, and matching the gearbox is a new seven-speed wet dual clutch transmission, compared with the previous 2.0 Highline EA888 of carrying on the output power is down a little, but in actual driving on the highway, Can clearly feel the 190 PS / 320 Nm power is still abundant, the only problem is in brand new seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox seems to be set-up to tame, in the part of the shift is more less positive, in more diligence into gear also obviously feel it will not change down at random, and before the Highline the GTI sedan "set-up, the difference is quite big.
Such adjustments to Passat Elegance acceleration performance of the whole is more smooth, compared with small make up think it more like change the Passat before 1.8, and this time Passat Elegance as well as without the blessing of DCC electronic suspension system, in this respect its chassis is more close to the Passat 1.8 - MQB chassis that rigid the characteristics of high light but still exist, both drivers and passengers can obviously feel its solid foundation of stability, However, the electronic steering wheel, which tends to be light and light, can still bring quite accurate direction when driving at high speed, but sometimes it may be slightly inadequate in hand feeling. As for the soft suspension, it can be described as extremely comfortable, both in filtering the shattering and in the wavy section of the road.