September 16, 2020

Nissan Leaf Malaysia

The first is data. Edaran Tan Chong Motor chose the 40kWh version of the Nissan Leaf Malaysia. In the NEDC test, it can run continuously for 311 kilometers under full power, while in the more stringent WLTP test, the 17-inch wheel frame version can travel 270 kilometers continuously. . The battery capacity of the first-generation Leaf is only 24kWh.
Pure electric cars are not suitable for everyone. If you need to drive more than 200 kilometers a day, gasoline or diesel engines are more suitable for you. But if you travel less than 100 kilometers a day and are worth shuttles in the city, then you may be interested in it.

In terms of charging, there are two methods, through ‘normal’ 6.6 kW AC charging (using SAE J1772 plug) or through ‘quick charge’ 50 kW DC charging. Nissan is putting in a 30-amp AC wall-mounted charger that can charge directly, so it takes about 7 hours for Leaf to go from depleted to full charge, but in fact, the charging time is usually short because it may leave some power In the car. DC fast charging takes 50 minutes, but currently only three locations in Peninsular Malaysia have this facility.
The new Nissan Leaf has four driving modes to allow the driver to choose the level of energy recovery-D, ECO, B and B-Eco. In the "D" mode, the driver can enjoy the highest performance of the car; the "ECO" mode consumes less than 10% of the D mode; in the "B" mode, the energy recovery level will be set to the highest and the "B-ECO" is The combination of ECO and B mode saves electricity the most.
In terms of power, a more powerful electric motor is used, with 150 horsepower and 320 Newton meters of torque to drive the front wheels. It only takes 7.9 seconds to accelerate at 0-100km/h, but the maximum speed is limited to 155km/h, because the power supply can be exhausted faster at higher speeds.

In terms of styling, this brand new Nissan Leaf is very different from the previous generation. This one looks futuristic, and even looks more sporty from some angles, especially the two-color roof line, integrated rear spoiler and boomerang-shaped LED taillights. The charging port remains on the hood, behind the V-motion grille. The Leaf is an out-and-out C Segment sedan. It has the same space as the 5-door version of Volkswagen Golf. It has a spacious compartment and ample foot space. The rear compartment has a space of 435 liters. ).
Most importantly, it has a new feature called "e-Pedal". When starting, the feet will slow down the car after leaving the accelerator (brake lights will light up), which helps to recover energy. In daily driving, you can drive the Leaf only by using the accelerator pedal, and you can stop even on a slope. Of course, when the situation requires, the brake pedal should also be the first choice.
The Malaysian-spec Leaf uses leather and suede seats with blue accessories, the same flat-bottomed steering wheel as Serena and the small facelift X-Trail, and a touch screen host. Electronic parking brake, keyless entry and ignition, automatic climate control and cruise control are also standard. Leaf is also equipped with a new generation of semi-electronic half-second instrument panel, which is expected to be matched in the upcoming Kicks crossover and the next-generation Almera model.
In terms of safety, Leaf is consistent with Nissan's smart mobility plan, and is equipped with a series of active and passive safety features, including smart forward collision and emergency braking, surround view monitor (360-degree view), moving object detection and driving warning , 6 airbags and electronic stability system are of course indispensable.
This Japanese-made, fully imported Nissan Leaf has only one grade, but it has 6 body colors to choose from, two of which have two-tone paint and two interior colors-black or gray. The price of the new Leaf starts from RM188,888, and the price includes a 3-year/100,000km vehicle warranty, a 3-year/100,000km maintenance, and a high-voltage battery pack warranty for 8 years or 160,000km.