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Hello everyone) Good evening everyone! My name is Alexander Kargin, I am the strategic director of the cryptocurrency Yoda X. And with great pleasure in this article I will tell you about our new cryptocurrency, which in truth can change the world.

In general, before I start talking about cryptocurrency itself, I would like to touch on the terminology of ordinary money and cryptocurrency a bit.

We all know that Money is a universal means of exchanging various goods and services among themselves, as well as a measure. The amount of money measures the value of a product or service, and the money measures the wages, or in different ways, the value of various specialists. Money can be paper, metal, virtual.

Now money has many functions:

🔺Means of payment

🔺Evaluation of the work of people

🔺Equivalent to the value of goods

🔺 Savings Creation Tool

🔺A mediator in the circulation of goods

🔺Calculation tool

Cryptocurrency is a digital (virtual) currency that does not have physical expression. The unit of such a currency is “coin”, which means “coin” in translation. At the same time, the coin is protected from falsification, since the coin is encrypted information that cannot be copied. Cryptocurrency does not have a physical form, it exists only in the electronic network in the form of data. An exchange through a cryptocurrency takes place in much the same way as an exchange of emails, hence much less processing time than through a bank, minimal fees and the absence of an intermediary.

They are united by one. We can use both ordinary money and cryptocurrency in everyday life.

And it is precisely today that I have great pleasure and want to tell you about our Yoda X coin.

✔️About its uniqueness

✔️ What opportunities does it give

✔️How to earn money on it

✔️ What is her purpose

✔️Well and I will share with you the news for today

Yoda X, First of all, this is a new generation cryptocurrency.

Why a new generation, because it takes into account all the shortcomings and disadvantages of other coins. Huge work and analysis has been done.

Anyway, this coin cannot be compared with other coins that currently exist.

✔️ Yoda X is a decentralized cryptocurrency created on the basis of three blockchains (Zerocoin, Dash, Pivx)
The fact that she has her own blockchain is her and uniqueness. I think many people understand this. That is a huge plus.

Listing coins will happen on Livecoin'e listing date 05/11/2020

YODA X emission

Initial issue of less than 20 million coins
The final issue of 20 billion coins
The initial issue is necessary to launch the blockchain and create a coin community

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow rapidly and reveal its potential: regularly there are a lot of new, unique and not very projects.
Paying attention to them, we must carefully select the object of investment - future profit depends on it. Yoda X appeared in public space not so long ago, and for someone this can cause jabs of doubt: can such a young project prove itself and live up to expectations?

Surely. And that's why.

Problem and Solution

Despite the tangible progress of the last 2-3 years, the cryptocurrency industry is still underdeveloped and requires improvements and popularization. We still cannot use digital assets to pay for goods and services - they will remain primarily an investment tool.
There are several issues here:

Leading coins are of high value;

The volatility indicator remains high;
Most projects are technically imperfect: insufficient block size, difficulties with scaling and transaction processing speed are just a small part of them.

Yoda X was created in order to change the market and give it an additional impetus for development. With the help of this currency, everyone can freely use cryptocurrencies in everyday life.

Why I choose Yoda X

So, what are the features of this project, what makes it attractive for investing? In addition to the obviously promising concept, these are:

Fast pace of development. By 2022, Yoda will have its own trading platform.

Technical advantages - at least transaction speed (1s) and ensuring liquidity through a unique collective staking algorithm.
Additional projects.

Additional projects should be discussed separately. Yoda X set a number of goals - for example, creating the eponymous bank of cryptocurrencies. This is the first such development in the world: in the fall of 2020, the team will receive an appropriate license, and subsequently will issue its own payment cards for comfortable use.
Another interesting area is creating your own mobile operator and issuing a SIM card. That is, in addition to the standard functionality and marketplace, investors expect additional bonuses.

Dividends: what to expect

You can join the project now. What should an investor count on?
Firstly, on direct dividends from investments. Just storing coins in a wallet, you can get passive income: its amount depends on the number of assets, the duration of storage and the volume of the structure.
Yoda X demonstrate the formula for calculating profits

Depending on the coefficient of the variables, this can be an impressive amount. By investing 18 thousand coins at a Yoda cost of $ 1 per month, we get 30%, that is, more than $ 5 thousand.

And, of course, when working with the project, you get the opportunity to pay for the usual services with cryptocurrency - for example, Yoda X plans to cooperate with Yandex.Taxi and Delivery Club.


Each cryptocurrency project is not only a profit in the short term, but also a potential in the future: remember this when planning to invest.
Yoda X is able to give a lot to the market as a whole and to each individual user, using and multiplying the advantages of the crypto industry.

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