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Prioritize your Security with Firsthand Information on Safety Measure is a website that is committed to providing honest information about the latest security measures employed in the digital approach to securing homes and offices.

We understand that losing one’s valuable assets to intruders can be heartbreaking. Thus, we channel our effort in curating the best information online on how our readers can take 100% responsibility for the safety of their properties whether at home or in offices.

Get in charge of your safety

Sometimes, some situations like an accident and other unwanted factors may warrant you break into your own house. At Dorlockfriend, we provide topnotch information that will show you how to unlock any door following simple and straightforward steps. As a technological-inclined website, we are always at the forefront of an innovative digital approach to security of homes and offices.

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·        Remove door knob without screws

Trusted and Reliable Updates on Security

You can trust us to give you trendy news on the disruptions in the digital security world. From step by step guide on how to install door lock to replacing the locks, buy tips on making a lock purchase, remotely securing your house and helping you to navigate the right door lock as our online reader.

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Digitally Secure your Assets

Losing your prized assets can really be a pain in the ass. In the event where burglary is becoming day by day despite the amount of money pumped into the security sector.

What if we show you a better way to leverage the most innovative technologies that secure your highly-coveted properties without giving room to complacency?

Changing the narratives with the keyless smart door lock

No matter how long you spend at the comfort of your home in a bid to keep your properties safe, it is inevitable that you will spend a couple of time away from home subjecting your assets to thieves and burglars. Whether you are spending a few hours away or you are leaving for a whole year, you don’t have to worry any longer as long as you trust to give you information on how to monitor and give your homes and offices 100% protection.

Smart, Innovative and Secure

Do you fancy monitoring your home and offices security remotely? provide info on the most innovative technologies in securing your homes and other properties. As long as you have access to a smartphone and the internet, you can monitor your properties without leaving the comfort of your present location if you can take time in following our tips and tricks.

March 29, 2019
by yaguceh kojwe45877
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