Backend Engineer (python)remote

Backend engineers at InCountry are responsible for all server-side applications.

The responsibilities for this position include:

• Creating designs for new application features

• Designing APls and data models to support new features

• Working primarily in Python 3

• Writing unit and functional tests

• Reviewing code from other engineers

• Learning secure coding practices

• Working "on-call” to help monitor production systems


• Excellent English communication: writing and speaking

• Must have 4+ years of experience with Python

• Experience with one or more web frameworks: Django, Flask, Rails, Express

• Good understanding of web development foundations: HTTP protocol, caching, 3-tier architectures, asynchronous tasks, SSL Experience with typical system components: Redis, Kafka, Memcached

• Good knowledge of SQL, plus experience with one or more ORMs: SqlAlchemy, ActiveRecord, Django

• Extensive experience with Postgres or Mysql: multi-table joins, composite keys, managing indexes, optimizing queries

• Experience with one or more testing frameworks

• Experience with modern development workflow: git + GitHub, CI/CD (Jenkins or other), automated testing, JIRA, container deployment

Other qualifications

Experience working in startups

• Experience working with Docker, Kubernetes, containers

• NoSQL data stores: MongoDB, Cassandra, ...

• Experience with cloud services: AWS, GCP


● Contract directly with an American company.

● Flexible schedule

To respond to a vacancy:

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